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[Game] Getting acquainted

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Hot cheetos, but I'm seriously trying to kick the habit since I'm trying to lose weight. I also like edamame. ... Also cheese. xD


If you could wear any era of clothing, what era would it be? (Ie: 20's, 40's, 60's, Victorian, etc)

Nee, Star, Little, Tenebre, Lorina


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To get money for making comics! (More than I already do, that is.)


Mikhael wants to adapt Fritz Lang's Metropolis into either a magnum opus-level comic, or a magnum-opus-level animated feature. If I can make my art good enough for his stories, I hope that dream becomes a reality. We both have a special love for that film, & want to do it justice the 'right way' before some absolute dillhole snatches up the rights & ruins it with a soulless 'multiverse' cash grab thing.






What side (or back or stomach, et cetera position) do you usually sleep in?



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I sleep on the fun side. Which changes throughout the night. The front means you'd have to develop the ability to breathe through the pillow and the back would cause coughing due to fluid backflow and snoring.


My host had heard that you can learn about a person's emotional state from their sleeping position. For example, the fetal position means they are afraid. Like any body language, training yourself in it creates a feedback into your psyche. So my host has trained herself to sleep in a confident scissors position.


And by request, I was active on tvtropes. Had to cut my internet time in half in january.


What is your favourite TV show?

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Chaotic Good.

This thing is off the mark.


Do you have a song you're particularly fond of?

Despite what was told you, I do not like committing crimes. 

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