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A Certain Scientific Railgun please. That anime has way too much emotional value for us. And Misaka's clones were what finally made me go 'yeah I want another me', I had already toyed with the idea of having a doppelganger (recurrent fantasy when I was around 11-12, even pretended 'she' had taken over my body lmao, foreshadowing I guess) but they were the last straw- C'mon , they're hecking adorable.


What's your favorite anime OST that isn't the opening or the ending?

Miri: original host and Mirichu's FBI agent (against will).

Mirichu: second tulpa and main fronter at the moment.

Akai: first tulpa and voice of reason of the system.

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"Call of the Witch" from the anime Re:Zero. It is just as iconic, if not more so, than the opening/closing songs from either season. 


What was the first car you ever owned?

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Yesh! Re:Zero is the besssst.


I bought a Suburban for $1000 and it was absolutely trashed (not by me). I did a lot of work on it and broke even when I sold it but the engine needed to be rebuilt and the transmission leaked if you parked it on a hill, I mean, all of the fluid leaked out, the rear seal, dispite being replaced, still leaked as if it wasn't even there. It also had lots of rust and structural damage. I still feel bad for the guy who bought it. I was 16, so I can't beat myself up over it. The flipping thing was only 13 years old but just about everything on it was totaled. Considering my current car is a 2005 and in perfect condition, this suburban was insanely bad condition. I could go on and on just how bad this thing was. It's hard to believe. It was cool though.


What's the best thing that ever happened to you?

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Pft, so many...


Three hamsters, three dozen fish, two eels, a freshwater crab, two sharks, freshwater snails, three frogs, two rats, five cats, and five dogs, one of which was half coyote.


Right now, zero, and that's fine.


My favorite was my white longhair cat that was older than me and died when I was 17.


What's your favorite animal? Is it different from your headmate(s) favorite?

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