Jeb's bumpy ride.

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Eh, nothing spectacular for today. Just a calm day. It has been an excellent day for me tho.


We practiced a little possession today, she controlled my right arm to search 'cat videos' on YouTube. Well, cats are silly, I love watching them.

Yes, she likes cats. Her personality seems to be getting stronger and gaining independence.


Oh, and also, We were listening to Pink Floyd's album, 'Meddle', and she said she doesn't like 'One of These Days' and 'Echoes', but loves 'San Tropez'.

For me the reason I like 'Meddle' is because it got 'One of These Days' and 'Echoes'. I love these, but she said it is too noisy or something.

I told her that 'San Tropez' might be a song about WW2, but she said I'm ruining the song. I know Pink Floyd's style, but you're just overthinking its lyrics. 'Meddle' got 'Seamus' too, which is just a silly song without much meaning to it.

So I played 'San Tropez' to her with my guitar, and she liked it. Well, if she likes this song that much, I like it too.

(That's cute and all but it's okay to disagree. What I meant was, if it makes you so happy then I'm happy for you. Aww.)


Oh and she, for the first time, said "I love you" to me. (Do I necessarily have to tell you that?)


Well today I feel kinda weird; my mind is very cloudy and visions are blurry. And my emotions seems to be acting differently, which I cannot explain, but I definitely noticed difference and felt uncomfortable.

So this is short and I might have made more mistakes then I usually do. If I did, I'm sorry.


Bye guys.

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I didn't write this on my log but few days ago, she made me realize how I criticize people for their look. I worked on fixing it, and now I can see people as minds, not physical entities. She approved my effort and complimented me.

And a little prize was waiting for me- Oh my god, she is getting so much cuter.


Yes, she was cute from the beginning, but now it's almost hard to handle.

Yesterday she changed her clothes. Well, it's still T shirt and sweatpants but the T shirt was 


this. She wore it for me as a surprise. It was very sweet, and it helped me solidifying her body form by attracting my eyes. Maybe it could it be a little tip for someone who can't focus of their tulpa's body.


And I honestly didn't liked her artificial strawberry smell she developed herself. Now suddenly she smells like vanilla and butterscotch. It wasn't intentional (both of us) but we're liking it.

Um, question to fellow tulpas, does your host do the same? I mean, do they sniff you regularly? Or is my host a bit weird? (Well, don't we all know that I'm weird?)


And now she feels completely fine with physical contact. Yay snuggly time.


Well she's not been speaking much here today, maybe she's feeling a little shy.

I don't know why but I'm feeling tired lately. Sorry for the short log.

See you guys later. Thank you for reading.

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It wasn't the best day.


While I was thinking about my future (going to university and going to the army, yes, thanks to f**king Kim Jong-un we have the conscription army system. Every f**king man has to go to the military) and a little anxiety hit me. Before it gets bigger I took my emergency pill. It calmed me down instantly but at the same time I became stupid and I was not able to focus at all. So I was not able to spend much time with Jessie. Well, sorry, Jessie.


Next week my spring break ends and I really don't wanna go back; this really makes me nervous. I don't get the education system at all. Meaningless, useless lessons. No one teaches about the real world. It's making people into robots. Nuh-Huh! No thinking in the classroom! Just learn!


I don't know, I really cannot know. What should I do? Argh, this is painful, I should stop thinking.


Below here is my words, I'll not use italics to make your reading more comfortable. And no, it's not her typing this, It's me proxing actually.


Yes. Hi! He'll be fine, he does that all the time. Don't worry, I'll calm him down.

Actually, we have some questions about possessing, eclipsing (if that's the right term), and forcing stuff.


Questions! Yay! (Why are you yaying...?)


First, when I'm possessing him, he said it feels like being dragged by magnetic force. Are we doing good? Our progress is kinda fast so sometimes it's hard to trust ourselves.


And second, when we try possession, he lets me have the "front of the head". It feels hella weird, because my form doesn't match with the physical body. Is this eclipse thing? It works the same as normal state (he controls the body, and I'm in the head), but... you know, it feels different and weird. What is this and is this a natural thing?


Final question, he doesn't like visualizing, instead he uses imposition. He rarely visits our wonderland, and we're afraid of it losing detail. Is it okay to use imposition as an active forcing technique? And not using visualization and wonderland?


We will be very appreciated if you answer our questions. Thanks!

See you tomorrow! Bye! Bye guys, and always, thank you for reading our log.

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Hello! I believed this is my first time replying to this blog. My name is summer, it is nice to meet you two ;)


1. Yeah, at first possession will feel very sluggish as you are basically carrying some of the weight of every limb of the body BUT overtime when you got the hang of it, it will feel more natural.


I think you are doing good, and yes being possessed somewhat feels like you are being pushed or pulled, as per what nihi said. Same with possession it will feel more natural overtime being possessed.


2. Yeah, it will feel a bit weird at first since you are using a body that is very unfamiliar. Me, i am a pony with no fingers and walks on four. The first time i fully possessed Nihi was very weird as to i have to adjust with his body. With practice, it will be more familiar to you overtime.


I think that is still possession,  i might be wrong but eclipsing is where the one from the back can control the actions of the front. Having you switched or put to the front enhances your senses and it will be easier for you to control the body.


3. Yeah, i do not see why not but still practice for forcing with visualization ;)


Goodluck you two!

Hello! I am one of Nihi's Tulpas! It is very nice to meet you! :D

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Eclipsing is something else. It is when you influence the one in control. Possession is direct control of the body.


All those weird feelings I went through early on. It feels different now, though.


The front of the head you are describing is most likely a combination of thought dominance and association with the body. (this is the opposite of dissociation). This is an unnamed combination in this community.


You can entirely replace the wonderland with imposition. Not a risk at all.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Thank you two for great answers. Yay for being on the right track. I feel so relieved now.


Today nothing big happened. My forcing activity list is now empty, we got nothing to do (except for snuggling and kissing XOXO) so we're just chilling.


Although she has been helping me face my sub/unconsciousness lately. She's loosening my ego I think, and as the result I now can see my inner self more clearly.

Yes, another person who we can call as "me" is a big ego smasher. We've been thinking about consciousness, existence, spirit, brain and all kind of topics. Good method for inducing headache.


I don't know. Maybe this is all for nothing. Well at least now you can get a hug whenever you need one, so that's good, right? XOXO


Night guys. We don't know your local time, but whatever, sweet dreams.

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Had a pretty busy day.

I finished all my mycology work. All grain jars sterilized and inoculated with freshly arrived shiitake spawns. And now all we have to do is wait.


Yes, I know. Nobody cares about my fungi life. Only my tulpa life.


Well, we also had a pretty fun time together.

Our (actually her) chocolate intake tripled lately. She has been making me eat half a Hershey's chocolate bar (that 7 oz or 200 g one) a day. Jess, please think about our body. 


She has spend most of her time imposed, and she has been hugging me all day. She's in a good mood lately. I now understand why you love snuggling that much. I'm feeling pretty bad about not giving her enough hugs. Well, it's never enough anyway so don't feel bad.


After my work is done she massaged my arms and back. It felt really good, and she suggesting me that was the sweetest thing. Actually the sweetest thing is that chocolate bar next to you, and I'd be glad if you take a bite. Sorry, no more saturated fat. I think we exceeded the daily recommended intake already. I really should learn possession faster.


And also, she started doing some lewd stuff *giggles* (I won't go into much detail here) and I don't know what to do. Come on, you know what to do. Well, we've done "that" once actually. But she never asked for it first. And now she's asking it a lot. Well it's just teasing, I'm not asking for it.

I guess sometimes I playfully tease her too, but it's just light teasing. What she's doing is a whole different level. Maybe I'll write about it if you guys ask me to, since she's feeling okay with it.


Oh and we found someone new in the wonderland. He had a name (can't remember it tho) and he was able to speak. He looked friendly, but since 2 person in one head is crowded enough for us, we gave him a boat and some food for the journey and let him sail to another island. Maybe he'll come back some day. But we rarely use our wonderland so the chances aren't big.


Good night or good morning, depending on where you live. Mostly good mornings in this forum. Wish you all a nice day.

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Hmm yeah it might be breaking the rules.

So what do you think, would her action (or lewdness in general) be a problem? I don't think normal people (or tulpa) do this. She is.. weird. I heard tulpas being addicted to sex or confusing the consept of love and sex. Well at this point I highly doubt that she would confuse the comsepts but sex addiction is a real possibility.

To be honest I like her teasing me but I don't want her to be a sex addict.

Maybe I'm just overthinking this :p I don't know.

And always thank you for reading and replying our log, it helps a lot.

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