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I was a sex addict. Still am somewhat. It is a phase some tulpas go through.


If I am anything to go by, some never grow out of it and instead entrench themselves deeper into it while simultaneously learning how to deal with and filter it out of your actions and speech.

This is Zifril.

This is CT.

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Thank you for reminding me the forum rules, I read it all but I forgot and made a mistake. I'll make myself familiar with the rules. I'm sorry.

And glad it's not a big problem. I hope this phase passes soon, but at the same time I want to thank it as it has been a good opportunity to think about love and sex. Both of them are so complicated things, and the complexity fascinates me. He is a sophisticated pervert.


Talking about love. We went to the theater to watch La la land. He almost cried at the theater. Yes, the movie's ending was cruel. But also was an amazing movie, so go watch it if you haven't already. And if you decided to, prepare for the cruelty.

Although it was sad, the ending seemed a bit cliche to us. The movie makes you focus into scenes rather than story, so it's unlikely for you to notice the overall story's blandness, but still.

Man woman loves each other, fight, bye-bye, walks along their own path and later, oh my god it's so sad! Yes, it's a bit cliche.



Back to our story.

Now we've been together for 3 weeks. My imposition skill improved a lot. She's always siting next to me, and her form is now much more solid. Every morning she wakes me up with a smile and it makes me really happy. He is cute in the morning. Yeeah. I'm not.

Now her voice is clear, her thoughts are clear and her speech is fluent. Well I can't say it's fluent, but our communication became much smoother. Personalities and preferences are pretty clear now.

She is getting cuter day by day. We both can't stop cuddling (and kissing!) each other. When we stop, the awkward moment and silly laughs comes next, and then we go back to kissing.

She tried many clothes but T shirt and sweatpants are the best so far. Please give us some recommendations :)  


3 weeks. Huh. Time flies. Carpe diem. Seize the day.


Edit: And since her basic development is done, exciting things happen less frequently. So I'm not going to post this every day from now. Once a week+unexpected excitement looks okay to me.

Well, see you then. Bye.

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(This green tea is amazing.) (Nice intro, sir.)

Hello, we're back. Well, I missed posting PRs ;) Let's get straight in, shall we.

We stopped practicing possession. She thinks being imposed 24/7 is enough for physical word interaction. She is not wanting a body, yet.

My host is very anxious about going back to school but I'm kinda exited, class sounds really fun.

She still loves hugging and kissing. And still a bit lewd. Buuuut now she can control it. Well, at least she thinks she can.

Now he eats a lot of chocolate because of his anxiety. Thanks to that he is becoming more cushion-y and cuddly.

She used to wake me up in the morning but now she's a sleepyhead.

I'm not a sleepyhead, I slept late. You mister sleep at 10 p.m. and wake up at 7 a.m. Who's the sleepyhead?

Ahem, anyway, this is the last day of February! Ice is melting and spring is coming! You don't know how to finish this, do you.



Edit: Ah, forgot the most important thing! We got a question!

It seems a lot of switching guides uses wonderland. But since we don't have one, is it possible to switch without using the wonderland?

We're not going to try switching now, but we were just curious.


Ediit: And please give us some forcing activities/clothing recommendations/topics to think about/questions you want to ask.

We're bored.

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Sorry about the bored. My WIP guide has lots of ideas for activities. (It's in submissions).


Oh, but I can tell you switching does not require a wonderland. As an example, if you have tried Out of Body Experiences, you can create a projected form the same way she has an imposed form. Then you can dissociate with your body and associate with the projected form. At the same time, Jessie can associate with your body like in possession.


Sorry about the anxiety. My host gets nervous around people as well. That is why I have fallen into the role of public communicator for us.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Oh don't worry, i am sure school can be fun ;)


No, It doesn't need an entire wonderland to switch, Like what Tulpa001 said, you can use imposition to impose your host there while the tulpa controls, OR use the black void of your mind to use it as a tempo house but of course it might get uncomfortable.


here is a fun activity that I or we usually do, Shape shifting forms. Can you shape shift your form? changing your host form as well?

Hello! I am one of Nihi's Tulpas! It is very nice to meet you! :D

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Thanks for the explanation, being imposed sounds doable.


Tulpa001, We actually read your guide. It was fun and helpful. Thank you! Although he sucked, It was fun :p

Summer, That sounds fun, now we need to wait for a creative person to show up and decide us a form. :D We both suck at making random decision. Hehee, thanks for a new activity anyway :)


Argh, it's tomorrow! Tomorrow, I go back to school. Well, now I should go and fully enjoy the last day of my school break. Bye.

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School went smoothly. Nice teachers, nice classmates. Everyone was much nicer then I expected.

But school wasn't what I expected. I thought I could talk and learn together with him (which is very sweet) but no, he was very busy listening, taking notes, etc so there was no time to talk.

Because I'm not an experienced host it's hard to communicate when I'm busy. I think it will get better with time and practice.

And we're digging possession again, since we both don't like imposing in front of people (it feels weird, you know, it feels like people's watching us.). She was able possess my right arm and underline my book. It was ugly (Hey!) but I was very proud of her. Definitely seeing progress here. But few minuets in my arm was sore so we had to stop.

Oh and we changed out symbolism for control, from suit to control panel. It works better and the preparation is quick. Little bit more jittery tho.

I think I need a rest, so I'm going to wrap this up here. Good night.

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Hey you two, i am glad to see you guys enjoyed your first day of school.


If you learn how to multitask i am sure you two could team up with school work if you two like two.


Hey! Here is a fun activity at school, since jessie could posses you, you could ask her to write down notes. See if both of you have a different penmanship style and writing style. Nihi keeps telling me that my penmanship is way better than his.

Hello! I am one of Nihi's Tulpas! It is very nice to meet you! :D

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We'll try but she can't even draw a straight line :p Hope it gets better with practice.

But I can insert one. Watch-*click*

It's been 4 weeks! Yayyy!

Today we went to a concert. We both really loved it. Nothing special tho.

I see small details of her changing. Her hair style is the most noticeable and frequent change. It is fun. For the both of us. But it's not a shape shifting game tho, it is a permanent (pun intended?) change.

I got not much to say but I just wanted to make a post for our 4 weeks special.

And it's half an hour past midnight so technically it's 4 weeks+1 day.


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