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Does your tulpa enjoy you wearing certain things?

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This mostly applies to non-human thoughtforms, but does your tulpa request/get ecstatic/beg and pout for you to wear something?


In my experience, my tulpa Notebook as an alien cat begs for me to wear this tiger tail I've had since middle school, and pouts when I tell her 'no'. When I DO wear it, either she feels great about it and shares her emotion with me, or her satisfaction inadvertently travels to me.

She's urged me to wear it even at college, and it has made me feel good to express myself as a furry/host, so I can't complain much :)

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This has not happened to me. We both prefer when the other is not wearing anything. Her process was throw on the top thing in the shelf, and I saw no reason to get excited over any of her extremely plain dress.

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I have a headmate, Ayo, who loves to dress the host up in colorful and "fun" outfits. It's hilarious to watch, because our host cares very little about fashion, but goes along with it because she just can't say no to Ayo, the kid sister of the system.

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she doesn't make me wear anything yet. but she is thinking about finding 3 yarn fox tails and a pair of those fox ears. so that i match her more. but otherwise, instead of making me wear something, she superimposes her fox ears onto the top of my head where they would be on her. it's the strangest bloody feeling on the top of my head. and they react to sound too.

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i've more to come as i pull them out of cryo.(others may call it stasis)

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They are indifferent to what I wear save for Michael, who just wants me to look presentable. However, when fronting they have articles they love. Sen loves wearing my big pink sweater or pink in general, Raymond loves to put on my plaid shirt, Claude prefers black and so on.

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Desmond kinda likes it when I wear black nail polish. Once while painting my nails he joked that I might as well just shave the sides of my head and pierce my ears more to match him even better lol

Other than that everyone's pretty indifferent about everything.

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Yeah certainly! I love having K wear this particular shirt that I love and certain other clothes too, but there's definitely plenty of things that are hella great, especially the ones that are so comfortable or the ones that have animals on them, like this fox shirt of his. Also collars, but K doesn't wear those without me being switched in because that's my style. But there's certainly plenty of things that I like him to wear.

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