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Different voice than I developed for her

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Hello. My tulpa in development, Monique, never really spoke completely on her own until a little whie ago. Up until recently, i was constantly parroting for her.


Recently she said something that caught me completely off guard and it felt like it must have been her speaking to me because the thought and her voice did not come from me at all.


My only question about it concerns the sound of her voice. It sounded completely different from the voice i used for her while parroting. Is this normal? Does this mean she has changed her own voice(which is fine) ? Should i be concerned that i am still parroting or what? Please help.

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You should ask your tulpa about that, now that she has her own voice.


Without lots and lots of information, the subjective nature of tulpamancy means we can only guess at the details of what is happening in your case. Still, sounds normal to me.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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It could be a couple things.


To the main question: yeah. Voice changes happen all the time. Sometimes they're intentional; sometimes they're just the brain doing weird things. If this is your tulpa testing out voices, let her experiment. One of the best things about finally stepping out from under parroting is that the tulpa finally has the ability to make their own choices, and that's something you'll want to encourage. Let her play around with it, and if she finds a voice you didn't plan on, but that you both like, cool.


That said...


Recently she said something that caught me completely off guard and it felt like it must have been her speaking to me because the thought and her voice did not come from me at all.


You and her are not the only possible source of voices. Just because it didn't come from you doesn't necessarily mean it came from her. See, there's a term we use here, "intrusive thoughts," which is pretty much a catch-all term that means "the brain throwing weird spontaneous things in that are not under direct control of any members of the headspace." So this voice could have been an intrusive thought. Until you get a feel for the way your tulpa feels while communicating, it's hard to know.


Though, if you think it came from her? Go with it. It's best not to dwell on this sort of thing. Encourage her to keep talking in whatever fashion she finds most comfortable.


And finally...  don't be concerned that you're still parroting. When she's ready for you to stop parroting, you will know, because she will tell you so herself. Until that point, loosen the reins a little bit. Go with the flow and when talking to her, give her a few seconds to respond herself before you parrot. There might be an odd echoy sensation for a while, where you know what she'll respond before she does it herself, and that's fine too.


Whatever the case, sounds like you're on the right track. Keep it up!

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