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I cannot look directly at her.


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I can only see Monique at a distance like of arms length (even then it is hard) . I have been forcing for about two weeks. I couldnt find anything that explained any particular practices i could use to help see her in close proximity. Can you help?

When i try to look directly at my tulpa, the visualization is instantly lost. And usually i cant retrieve it until I look away from her. Even if it is just a few inches over. I am wondering if this is something i can work on and how.
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Heh. This one sounds like something that happens with my headmate, Joss. We're a system that's strong at imposing, but he hates being looked directly at when imposed, because it's "not real enough." That's more a matter of personal preference than a visualization bug, though. ;)


So. You've asked a couple visualization-related questions now, and from the looks of it, they can all be answered with a "Just keep practicing." The brain does some bizarre stuff, and if you're not used to controlling it this way, yeah, weird blips like this, the head thing, the arm's length thing... all of that is just the sort of thing that can happen sometimes, and the best thing to do is just accept it and keep going.


Because here's a tip: a lot of tulpamancy is about self-fulfilling prophecy. The most sure way to get you thinking about a purple rhinoceros is to have someone tell you not to think of a purple rhinoceros. Along the same vein, the most sure way for weird stuff to happen in the headspace is to worry that weird stuff will happen in the headspace. If you don't worry about it, but instead just accept it as the nature of the beast, that sort of thing will happen a lot less frequently... or at least you won't be so freaked out when it does happen.


So that's my suggestion for all your visualization questions currently on this board: keep practicing. Nothing's wrong with any of the incidents you've described other than the fact that they're unintentional... so just accept that they've happened and keep practicing. Keep your focus on your tulpa, and just go with the flow for the rest. You're doing fine.

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Veryari, I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. If I focus on Felix's face, his body vanishes. And his eyes have the tendency to bug out so that he looks more like Badhi Rook than himself.


And that's not even beginning on Wonderland. Things will zoom in and out, my table won't stay at the same height, and heaven forbid that I be able to keep a straight horizon instead of looking at everything sideways.


But after just a couple days, it's getting easier to hold things in the right way just through practicing. I can see how some people can be absolute masters after months of practice. Keep with it, man. And until then, you can struggle along with me in visualization hell.


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Yes, this is normal. Though, arm's length is pretty close.


Here's one, but Monique has to do it. Stand behind your host, then slide an arm around their chest. Then slide the other one around their chest. Then raise up your hand and wiggle it in front of their face.


Here's another. Look at your tulpa so close, you can only see their feet, or their ear. Then slowly move your head so more of them comes into view.



EDIT: These two questions of yours are closely linked. So I merged your threads.

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