My wonderland in my head keeps changing

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Well, don't panic.


That's a short question and answer post. Since some of us would consider that a desirable thing, well, don't worry too much.


Perhaps some more detail in what happened recently? Or what your tulpa is like?

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My Wonderland kept changing as well. I was hesitant to blame Felix, because he hadn't shown much emotion or action on his own. But since our room kept changing around, and there's no way I was doing it, I had to assume it was Felix.


I've since discovered that he was just bored because I didn't force often, so we moved to a better home and I'm working on forcing more.


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Felix- Tulpa. In progress. An optimistic, spontaneous suit of Spartan armor.

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Well I guess it always depends on rather you like the changes or not. I give Johnny the full control over the wonderland, since I see it as his place to chill when I don't have the time to spend with him - so there were quite a lot changes in the first few weeks.

But if you really don't approve the changes, I think you should tell him - or at least make in a forcing session clear that you don't like how it changed.

You should keep in mind that most people envy that kind of progress - it can be a really good sign if some stuff changes without you doing it on purpose!

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To simply put it if it's not you then it probably your tulpa


Or your mind is playing tricks on ya

Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas




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If you want a more stable wonderland (and are fairly certain this isn't your tulpa's doing), create it in more detail. Things created quickly and with little detail tend to change every time you look at them. Things created more carefully with more detail tend to stay more the same.


Try to experience your wonderland in more of your senses, and notice the sensory details. For instance, if you have a tablecloth, take a minute to examine it. See what material it's made of, what pattern it has. Trace out the pattern in your head. Feel the material between your fingers. Play with it to see how it drapes around objects; this will vary depending on how flexible the material is. If these properties don't exist or just seem vague, take the time to force the object that way.

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