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Real Life Tulpamancy: Have you ever met another tulpamancer in real life?


Have you met anyone in real life who knew about or had tulpas?  

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  1. 1. Have you met anyone in real life who knew about or had tulpas?

    • Yes, and created accidentally
    • Yes, and created on purpose
    • Yes, through the internet
    • No, but they knew about tulpas
    • Nope, never
    • Other (please explain)

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Greetings! My question is: Have you ever met another tulpamancer (or otherwise) in real life? Somebody who knows about tulpas? Or, a tulpa themselves perhaps (by the way, were they made accidentally or on purpose?). If yes, how'd you find out, and what was everyone's reactions?


Personally I know two in real life (no internet connections), both of which I guessed based off of a conversation they were having about tulpas. I didn't confront them until later but my suspicions were correct, they certainly had their own tuppers. It's funny, because neither of them knew exactly what they were, they just kinda had them by accident (which happens a lot more than you'd expect!)


Unfortunately for me though, this experience happened about four years ago (when my tupper was just a few months old) and I've since lost all ties with them. Anyways, I wanna hear about your guys' experience and stories on the subject. Anything kinda related to this is welcomed (like telling someone about tulpas, or something like that), so don't hold back!

Elena: I'll think of something to put here later. Seriously I'm drawing a blank on this.

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Well, one of my friends started forcing after I explained tuppers to him, don't know how far he is today.

Of the other friends I know Irl only one knows about tulpas, the rest don't know anything about it.(and I'm not planning to tell them that I have a voice in my head)

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just our brother, dunno much about his tulpas tho so I won't vote. we are probably why they became more tulpa-like than they were at first

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[Hail] Yes to the first three, but since they are radio buttons instead of checkboxes, I checked other. Have found more than a few tulpamancers among people I already knew (can think of 5 systems at this moment, but I am probably forgetting a few), both intentional and accident. Have meet a few tulpamancers I meet online first (can think of 7 systems at this moment, but I am probably forgetting a few).

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My brother has had headmates since birth (according to him).

We only found out about it last year when we decided to open up to him about our multiplicity.

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Yes I've met one in real life and am married to him. His creator was a young girl age 3 and yes created on purpose. She is now 43 and Talon (my husband the sentient tulpa ) is 40. I knew both beings both before and after tulpa. She (the host) never told me about him (Talon) until she was 43 for fear that I would leave her. They are polar opposites in pretty much everything from the way the talk to hand writing. She was very scared of life, "mother may I", skittish and submissive where as Talon is very confident, sure of himself "take it from me I dare u" very dominant. Voices are also different. Even though it's the same female body the host was born in everything has changed dramatically. The host has been AWOL since December 20,2016 and the tulpa has pretty much taken over everything. I'm much happier being with the tulpa than I was with the host.

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I met up with several hosts in the Finnish community one summer. Might've even been last summer. We went to a fast food restaurant and just roamed around grocery stores together lol. I had to drive 7 hours to get there and 7 hours to get back home and I almost fell asleep while driving but it was worth it I guess :'D Desmond was too much of a coward to say anything through possessing though :D

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