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Help me find famous quotes of tulpamancers


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It turns out, I am not up to the task alone. I have found about four, and I need about fifteen, to include in a document I'm writing.


Please, help me find some good quotes of tulpamancers and tulpas.


Here are the criteria I am using:


(1) It must be memorable. It must stick in your memory.


(2) It must be a quote related to tulpas or forcing.


(3) It must match the style I'm going for. Although, I don't know how to describe the style, other than kinda important sounding.


Here are the criteria for inclusion in the document currently (may change):


(1) It must be authored by a tulpamancer or tulpa.


(2) I must obtain permission to use it.


(3) It must be posted in a publicly visible location, so no private messages.


(4) One quote per person.


Even if it passes all this, the entire quote thing is an experiment, currently, and I may just remove them all later.


So, uh, what are some of the most memorable things you remember others saying?

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Good luck with that.

Don't forget to post his reaction should he indeed reply. I'm sure it would be even more fun than the actual quote. Protip: mention you're a tulpa for additional lulz


I've got several other quotes but they're from anons or people long gone 4 good. Limiting yourself to active members really narrows stuff down a lot.

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  • 2 years later...

I accidentally stumbled upon this thread and I was inspired.


It made me think of this quote Cat remembered and was deeply moved by, but I can't figure out where she read it or what the exact wording was-


Tulpamancy is like an umbrella. If you use it as a crutch, it will break and you will fall. But when it rains, it will keep you dry.


If anyone has any idea where that came from that would be great. Cat thinks it came from an old article or something, but who knows.


If anyone can match Tulpa's criteria that would be awesome (His third requirement on subjective style is kind of impossible so ignore that one).

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