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Reading Carl Jung


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I believe several members here have talked about Carl Jung and his relationship with thoughtforms. So I have a question.


What is Jung's book most associated with thoughforms/tulpas, is it out of copyright, and where would I find a copy?


Also, Is there a preferred English translation?

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The Red Book is a pretty good one, it talks about his self-experiments with tulpamancy and the thoughtforms he encountered during the process. You can find a free PDF online if you know where to look, and if you're enrolled in a university their interlibrary loan system may have a copy available.

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I absolutely love the "Red Book," which discusses his practice of "Active Imagination" which he pursued personally, as well as teaching to his clients. I am following the practice personally and have had some really interesting experiences, which may have been impacted on by my practicing tulpamancy prior to engaging active imagination.


additionally, I revisited "the invisible counselor technique" promoted by Napoleon Hill, in his book "think and grow rich." It is likely the most undervalued and skipped chapter in the whole book, but you can read articles online or watch a video to get enough information to do the protocols. It fits very well with tulpamancy. In fact, as I was re-reading Hills experiences, I couldn't help but imagine he created Tulpas without realizing what he had done.


Jung and Hill added to tulpamancy seem so natural that I am surprised more people haven't made the connection.

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