My tulpa and her Wonderland cabin have both gone missing

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One of my two existing tulpæ, Emily, is very timid and prefers her alone time. She got into a fight with my other tulpa, Jordan, and has been even quieter and more sensitive since. Last night, I went to check to see if she was okay and there was an invisible wall blocking me from getting to her cabin. I check about an hour later and she's on the ground, sobbing, and her cabin is just a cardboard, 2D cutout. She says she has no idea what happened. This morning, I checked again and the cabin was still fake and she was gone. I can't find her anywhere. Please help, I am unbelievably worried about her.

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I really would like to help you, I understand your worry. But, I'm new around here, so I don't have a lot to offer. But first, try to will the cabin back to how it was before. Then, constantly send your love her way, tell her how much you miss her. I hope it helps :)

'Ello, I'm Sail! 

I'm Hallie...hi! (Hallie was "born" May 28th, 2017)  




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Rebuild the cabin by hand, if you need to. Make sure each wall is solid before moving on to the next part, etc. Be thorough so it'll have more staying power. (Don't necessarily have to do it brick-by-brick. Sims-style is fine.)


Then call out to her throughout the day, sending her positive vibes like Sail said, and she should come back when she's ready. Losing contact is a pretty common thing, so try to relax and give her something positive to come back to.

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