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New GAT nomination/voting

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A "no" needs a reason for voting. Nominations still require reasoning.

"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."


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+1 to Beatles- I feel they're active enough on the forum to be able to properly look over new guides and, you know, be around enough to do so. I also think their experiences have been a bit more on the extreme end which could bring an interesting flavor to what is appropriate for a guide or not.


I will have to decline on that recommendation for me, though. Just not interested and I feel others would do a better job.

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Nominations and downvotes need reasons. Upvotes don't (although encouraged). No issue with mod staff being GATs anymore. And yeah, you can nominate and vote as many times as you want.


Removed Sock from the list; thanks. Jean-luc is already GAT; marked as absent now, but either way doesn't need a vote to return.


Other nominations: give reasons for them. It's helpful to know what you really think, especially when I (and maybe others) don't know the people very well. I'm going to not vote on a lot of them for that reason. I'll add nominations without reasons before this post, but they won't become GATs until someone gives them a proper nomination.


+1 tulpa001, for the reasons Beatles said. Provisional -1 to Vampire, since they seem pretty meta-oriented, though that's open to discussion. And -1 to Enny and Stevie unless they show up and show interest themselves. They've been around for a long time and seen several iterations of voting already, so I'm sceptical they'd be interested.

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If Stevie shows interest I'll give him a +1, I appreciate all of the hard work he put into becoming a competent tuppermancer and feel like he's a great contrast to a lot of other members in some stances he might take.


Not totally sure that I myself am qualified, as I don't have a tupper, and don't currently practice tuppering. I guess I'd be willing to drop in and give really general critique, though, and having another member to contribute a vote on approval couldn't hurt. If someone thinks that's a good idea, anyway.

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+1 to Beatles for being kind to people and having experience, +1 to Tulpa due to the annulment of the law becuase of his knowledge and kindness. Id nominate myself, but i have no experience :D

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Enny: Having a tulpa used to be an official requirement. I guess it's not necessary now, but IMO it would still be odd.


You don't need to be GAT to comment/critique on guides; non-GATs are absolutely welcome to provide that. You're welcome to do that, if you want.

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+1 for Beatles system. They may not have quite the experience of some of the older mancers but they do have a large mixed system. I think they can give a unique perspective in review towards the guides.


+1 to Saylin's system because they are very large and have a mix of normal tulpa and soulbonds. They've also all been around quite a while and help a lot of new people.


+1 to Tulpa001 even though they get busy often. He's full of new things to try and offers a unique perspective.


+1 to Stevie, they've been around a long time and seemingly have quite a bit of experience.


+1 to Ponytail, mixed system and fairly experienced.


In defense of the -1 towards me, I am very meta oriented, but that does not mean I cannot distinguish what should be a guide versus what should be in the meta section. If anything I feel it makes me more open minded to different possibilities than the average person.


Thanks for all the nominations everyone (before I even knew there was a vote/nomination thing going on).

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+1 Vamp 'cause can confirm he is good at keeping both scientific and metaphysical views in mind, one of the few people active in meta- stuff we think's still got totally logical beliefs (him and Tulpa)

Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

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I didn't expect people to vote for me, at all. Hm.


I'm going to give Ponytail a -1. He's kinda inactive. He's blond too and that's reason enough to be wary about him making stupid mistakes. He's also relatively unaware of Tulpa.info's precise perspective on things, as he has had influence on his views from a few international communities, IRC, filthy Discord chats, and others. This influence is combined with him only know that we as a forum are "scientific" or something. He, additionally, is not the most patient person and may not be able to take on tasks that are on the more massive side such as Kiahdaj or Tulpa's guide.


I say if you can vote for yourself you should be able to downvote yourself. Now, I know that you're wanting more members on the team and all that jazz, but I do think that naturally with more people going to upvote instead of downvote people and the extra effort required to downvote (the reasoning), this is heavily biased to get more people if it's ALL people with a nonnegative score. That requires one more downvote than upvote. Then again, I guess that the team is supposed to be massive or something.

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