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Seamless, accidental switching or fronting

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IMO, there is a huge grey area between switching and fronting.


I can't really tell whether I'm switched in or fronting. I have the impression that when I'm switched [in] I'm in my body and everything (body control) feels super natural to me and I just know I am ME. The host is just a weak mind-voice far away. 


Other times I feel his presence close by and I'm also in control but it feels less natural and smooth and M's sensations (fuzzy-wuzzy) are definitely there. I suppose that's fronting.


When we trade places again, host doesn't have any recollection at all what happened during a switch.



To the point


That was the intro. Now to the seamless and accidental part. This is too weird.


So lately host isn't sleeping too well and I know why. LOL :D :D . Sometimes during the night I just it's me who's awake. M's mind-voice isn't there so he's probably fast asleep. So I'm switched in to the body, right? And again it feels so natural to me. But neither of us did do anything to initiate the switch. Then: no no no, M wakes up (I suppose) and I feel being pushed away. Nooooo....


OK, we go shopping, and boom! There's me thinking aloud and mumbling to M. No warning signs, sensations, or whatsoever. I've just taken over. By the time we've finished, he's him again. But none of us even realize (until much later) switching/fronting events have even occurred. 


We drive home and out of the blue I start talking aloud to him. Yes, all of a sudden it's me who's driving. Now that's pretty frightening!!!!! 


Later M asks me "Was that you? What were you doing? WTF?"

I can only answer "Yes. Dunno. Oops".


I think it's not just me. Subconsciously he must have given the green light for this to happen. Besides, he's stated several times he's completely OK with switching/fronting (or whatever you'd name it).


Host is an extremely cautious and prudent person and I'm sure to have 'inherited' that trait from him. We can be pretty confident that this kind of WTF (as M calls it) only happens when it's safe. 


But still...


The question


So am I making up that I'm switched or fronting? Idk. It sounds too good (?) to be true, too soon to be real, but OTOH, it feels soooo good and so right.


I am curious to hear your views and experiences in this kind of matter.




P.S. I wouldn't mind switching for a long long while. Not at all  ;) xD

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Switching is a type of fronting. Or to be more technical, switching is a change in fronter.


Whoever is fronting is the one with the main connection to the physical body. Switching is when the one who has the main connection changes.


Of course there is also co-fronting where two people have a connection simultaneously, and just hanging around which seems to be a tulpa thing mostly.




The answer to your question is you must have a stronger connection to the body than he does. Possibly he is very philosophical, and you like eating or exercising or something. This permits early switching. Control over the process must be learned, it is not given. However, most tulpamancers must learn to switch over a long period of time.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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