Can You help me create programmer-guy? Need archetypes.

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This guy will be programmer. Not hacker, just usual computer-guy writing code.

I need ideas for name, appearance, personality, etc - you know, the archetype of computer guy.

For example, he can drink a lot of coffee. Do not care much about his looks.

What are your ideas? Please help!

Later maybe i tell You why I need him, and not only him... but for now its a secret ;)

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I hope you aren't intending to make someone for a specific task. That's not going to go well.

"My lover's got humour,

She's the giggle at a funeral,

Knows everybody's disapproval,

I should've worshipped her sooner."


Host to Samuel, RavenIvy, and Olivia.




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He's intended to be like an advisor, or sort of that thing.

I don't want to share all details of my idea yet, first I need a couple more.

If You guys help me, later i will explain You my project, and all the details.

Maybe write some reports...

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When you say you need a "programmer guy" are you looking to make a tulpa or a servitor..?

Your resident demons. My text will be purple, and my host's, normal.

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I want to visualize every part of myself, according to system I've created, (resembling a bit kabbalah, but more down-to-earth)

I don't know if this would be technically a tulpa, but i thought you guys are good at this stuff and can help me.

System is called by me 12 disciplines (fun fact: Illuminati also use 12-domain system, I've learned about it later)

It could be used to represent diverse individual "beings", from single cells, to animals, organizations, or even countries.

I want to experiment with it, i'm doing that anyway for a long time, and I thought that visualizing advisors may be a good idea.

I had that idea even before i heard about tulpas. So I'm asking you guys for help, cause you seem to be good at imagination.

So no, i don't want a pony or imaginary girlfriend.

So yes, i want to create sort of goal-driven "company", but the point is, every part of me has it's own goals.

I want to balance my inner self, by discussion of strategy, and daily what-to-dos, between advisors.

You may see it as immoral, wanting to exploit "tulpas", but my cause is noble, and I want to achieve great things for mankind. Or die trying.

If my goal would be to make money, i would be rich long time ago.

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So if I get it right you want to know how to create 12 different thoughtforms whose expertise, interests and interactions with you will be limited to specific domains? And on top of that you want to create them from the ground up with specific visual characteristics?


I see two (main) problems with that:

- From my experience, a tulpa has only as much knowledge as the host is ready to share with (h(im|er)|it) so if you're not a "programmer guy" then it's going to be hard getting good advice.


- An advisor's advice depends on domain specific knowledge, knowledge about the person he is advising and diverse past experience. If the advisor is not worldly enough then his advice will be useless. It's akin to asking an hermit whome you never met but who reads a lot of books on social interaction how to pick up girls in a bar.


I value very much the counsel of my tulpas but in no way do I consider them specialised advisers! (Lydia says I'm well heeded to do so since I seem to have a tendency for stubbornness that makes me liable to bang my head into a wall for hours when there's a door three feet away). I won't pronounce myself on the illuminati bit (to each his own, eh?) but, to me, it seems you are either (or both) trying to overengineer the wrong solution to a perceived problem or completely mistaken about the qualities of an advisor.

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We are not good at imagining characters. That's something you will find expertise on in any creative writing group online, and well as the thousands of roleplay groups out there, most of which can be found on internet forums dedicated to fiction.


Our goals here are to construct character traits for the specific purpose of being amenable to seeding an independent consciousness. This is anathema to the idea of an archetype.


I am as confused as the other respondents over your intentions, but assume whatever you are doing, it's not one of those things that goes against our basic guidelines, just something we are not familiar with. Such as chaos magic or something. Or copying the techniques in the famous self help book "think and grow rich"

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Creative writing group might be actually good idea. Thanks!

I'm not familiar with book "think and grow rich", but it seems interesting, I might give it a shot in a free time.

I like chaos magick, hermeticsm and occult in general, but I'm not an expert.



The thing is, i've spent my life according to my philosophy, that is based on synergy. People say that being jack-of-all-trades is being master at nothing. I actually believe in opposite, that real breakthroughs come from merging different fields of expertise, and having many view-points. I struggled whole life with job/money and official education, because I followed what I perceived as a deeper truth, and everything that I saw interesting. I regarded my life as sort of experiment, a search for a new way, that I think is possible in the internet-era.


I've been a programmer, hacker, entrepreneur, rapper, mathematician and physicist.

I also had interest in medicine, electronics, project management, martial arts, history, and what have you.

I also experienced "real life", like love, drugs, friendships, and hard times.

Been there, done that.

I read a lot, but i'm not just a "theory guy".

Thing is, I'm completely fragmented, I have thousand ideas a minute, and need to keep a balance and restrict myself to few most important projects.

So i want to create a "council" of stereotypical personalities, to decide on my every move and project.

I've tried it for a moment, and it works surprisingly well, but I am yet to create well-defined personas.

Counciously, Im stupid, and always end up in troubles, going with the moment, not calculating enough. It's fun and unresponsible at the same time.

So I want to access my hidden wisdom which I've collected over the time, asking the right "persona" for advice, in right moments.

For example, the third guy would be money-loving Jew, gifted accountant. I don't especially like this guy, and never listen to him, but HE IS usually right,

and although boring as hell, he is needed to be in charge of any larger operations involving finance.

You see where I'm going with it?


And sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker.

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In my marketing class they show language patterns to tell if someone is BSing or not. Your ego-boosting claims are so full of crap ;-)


But to answer your question (note I have not intentionally made a thoughtform, I'm only typing from a second-hand standpoint)


Think and grow rich as Tulpa said, there's a technique called the Trusted Advisors or something like that. The author himself became scared of this technique and stopped apparently so play with that how you will. I assume its because his counselors became consciousnesses of their own and that freaked him out. Assuming the secret interview transcript is real of course.


Do that




Make a servitor.


Honestly you don't even need something as basic as a servitor for this.


You know how many successful people do amazing things in life and have traditional beliefs? LOTS. You don't need to get into mysticism to obtain your desires. You already have everything you need.


As for the archetype you don't need one. If you using the Imaginary Counsel/Truster Advisor (still not sure what its called), you simply learn about the #1 programmer and make a shell of him/her. For a servitor all you need to do is command it to get you the knowledge you seek and it will bring it to you (unlike Tulpa, servitors are extremely likely to go rogue if you don't do your research before hand so keep that in mind).



Your reasons for making an imaginary council that will become real overtime are not valid.


"I think too much". Practice meditation. Too hard? That means you need it.


" decide my every move and project". So you wanna sit back and have slaves- I mean advisers? Once these things become conscious don't expect your joy of sitting back, having them do your mental work to keep going so well for you.


"I want to access my hidden wisdom". It is said you cannot give true love until you feel true love for yourself. You attract what you are, etc etc. Many concepts essentially state if you can't provide it for yourself, you shouldn't rely on things outside of yourself. Your hidden wisdom can be revealed to you through meditation. Once your mind stops your intuition will be more than happy to fetch you information you have. Creating life for this isn't valid.



There is a silva method technique that does exactly what you want. Also a counselor technique. But it requires meditation because your mind needs to be inactive for them to give you wisdom. Even then, the instructors themselves say don't rely on it. The technique is just to get you used to talking to your intuition.


I know I'm throwing my thought structures at you but I honestly have to say a thought-form is way too advanced for the simplicity you want.


If you do end up finding an archetype and decide to create a personality and all that, you will be making a tulpa because advisors and servitors do not need personality. Thus you will be making a life with the sole purpose of doing what you don't want to do.


I highly doubt any tulpa would just submit to that. If I was a tulpa and found out your sole purpose for creating me, I would go rogue in a heartbeat.


To sum...


- Learn meditation, access to your hidden wisdom will come with it


- Read books about time management and organization. Your thoughts are too scattered as you said. By quieting the mind (meditation) you can begin to use organization techniques to access the string of information you need at a given moment


- Don't create a tulpa or a servitor


- If you use any of the counselor techniques don't use them too long. I can't say they will go rogue, but they will probably go rogue


- If you want to have every move you make and project you undertake be successful you're asking for too much. We are not gods, we are human beings with brains that don't always like to obey our conscious mind. Get self confidence. If you're too in fear of every move you make you most likely have extreme anxiety. Anxiety is calmed with meditation, self confidence is gained by competence. If you did all you said you did you would have self confidence but we all know your claims are false. So get really good at a lot of stuff and you'll develop a general self confidence


- You're living too much in the imagination man. No offense. If you want your inner, hidden wisdom you need to become yourself but you have no idea who you are. I can tell you live in your mind rather than your body. Start living in your body by practicing mindfulness and active mindfulness. All you currently want will be revealed to you in ways that you would think are far too simple. As they say, sometimes what we want is right there but we are looking too far ahead



Last tip, actually learn how to be an entrepreneur even if you don't want to start a business. The skills learned there will also greatly assist you.



Good luck :)

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