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Ford's Double Ascended Switching Guide for Elite Class Tulpamancers

Guest fordaplot


Guest fordaplot

Ford's Science-Based Switching Guide



Hello everyone! Today, I present a project I’ve been working on for a bit of time. Because the total runtime is over 80 minutes, it’s technically a feature-length  video series on how to train for and master switching ^^ The series was founded on my frustration that every existing switching guide seems to require a proclivity for switching, as, at the end of the day, they all just sort of say “do it.” I wanted to create a guide that not only offered an effective switching technique, but lays out a science-based process you can use to train the necessary skills.  


Below, I present the techniques and experiences that allowed me to have my first switching experience after a brief period of training. This is: 2 Weeks to Switch!


Edit 9/5/18: Several months ago, Ford/Jade deleted all of her videos. However, Jean-luc provides download links for them here, so you can still use this guide.    - Apollo


Episode Descriptions



Episode 1: The Gameplan

Length: 11:00

This is the introductory episode. Ford overviews dissociative tulpa phenomena, explains what switching is, why he wants to master it, and how he plans to do so. Originally produced and posted in May, re-uploaded with normalized audio. 


Episode 2: Identity

Length: 21:21

In this episode, Ford explains the importance of having solid, mutually understood identities towards both switching and mental health. Working with Aury, Ford combines the principles of Humanistic psychology with the techniques of personality forcing in order to consensually distinguish, solidify, and improve their identities. 


Bonus Episode: Mindfulness Meditation Technique

Length: 4:05

Ford goes over a fundamental Vipassana mindfulness meditation technique that can help you force, relax, and gain control over your emotions and senses. Excellent for getting into a calm, focused state of mind before applying the techniques explained in this video. Also an important step in Ford’s switching technique. 


Episode 3: Parallel Processing

Length: 12:32

In this episode, Ford works toward being able to maintain co-consciousness with Aury. He takes inspiration from a his experience with boxing and sports training in his approach, using a combo of shadowboxing, merging during exercise, and symbolism techniques to bolster Aury’s cognitive independence. 


Episode 4: Possession

Length: 2:31, 6:08

This episode deviates from the format of the rest of the series. In part one, Ford explains that there’s already a bunch of great guides out there for possession, and that if you already have some possession ability, the way you get better is just by practicing. Because of this, Ford targets this episode at those who have yet to have a possession experience. Ford collaborates with Mind Audio Central to produce a guided meditation aimed at those who would like to have their first full body possession experience. 


Episode 5: Dissociation

Length: 12:32

If you’re like most tulpamancers who struggle to switch (including me), this is the resource you’ve been waiting for. Ford distincts controlled and uncontrolled dissociation and then introduces Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MSBR), which uses controlled, mindfulness-induced dissociation to give people greater control over their senses. Ford shares and tests techniques that combines this therapy with symbolism and discomfort tolerance. 


Episode 5: The Switch


Aury and I have our first switching experience on camera! This video combines all of the techniques and skills developed in the previous episodes into one final demonstration of their effectiveness (at least for us). Ford overviews the technique he’s going to use, and then with Aury, successfully executes it. Ford proceeds to get excited. 


And to finish off the series, I improved my technique into a guided meditation, voiced by the spectacular Equestrian Souls hypnotist: Silvermoon.



Fin~ Bonus info below


This series was a personal challenge on two fronts-- one as a tulpamancer who, despite years of forcing, has yet to develop the capacity to dissociate or have realistic interactions with my tulpas, and the second one being as a content creator. Until I started this series, my video-making process was to spend half a month writing a script, struggle for six hours to read it without looking away from the camera, and then mesh it with twelve hours of whiteboard scribbles. So, knowing my ability to perform well under pressure, I added a gimmick to expedite the process: I gave myself a two-week deadline for the six intended videos. I thought this would force me to keep things brief, but that’s not how it turned out ^^`



Total amount of time spent on this series: ~120 hours

Total recorded footage (excluding drawing): 5 hours, 25 minutes

Total recorded footage including drawing: ~11 hours

Total used footage / runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes


Milestones for my growth as a content creator: 

- First time using Adobe Premiere

- First time using color grading

- First time engineering custom VFX

- I finally figure out how to make audio somewhat consistent throughout different recording locations in the finale

- First time using multiple filming locations

- I think I got a bit better at loosening up on camera :3

- First times going unscripted


Among all of these firsts were a plethora of stumbles. I hope these mistakes and stylistic missteps don’t take away from the information presented-- you’ll notice that, as the series goes on, I use less and less VFX, B-roll, and pretty much everything else non-essential. This is partly because I thought the attempts of these things earlier in the series ended up looking silly, and partly because these small additions significantly increased the workload without adding much to the content. Roll with me as I keep experimenting, messing up, and try new things-- I’ll do my best to find out what works, what doesn’t, and improve with each project. 


Try to modify the switching technique I present in the finale in a way that you think will work for your system. Feel free to comment (here or on the videos) any feedback, suggestions, future guides or videos you’d like to see, or if you need help troubleshooting. I hope this series can help some of you acheive your goals and inspires more innovation in the community. See y’all next time! 

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Yeah can we get the script because there's no way I can find the time of the day to listen to someone talk for hours on end without losing interest? Would also be useful for people who have difficulties in hearing or are just plain deaf.

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Great series and approach to it!

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Guest fordaplot

Yeah can we get the script because there's no way I can find the time of the day to listen to someone talk for hours on end without losing interest? Would also be useful for people who have difficulties in hearing or are just plain deaf.

Sorry, the visuals are important to the content, as I use them to help convey symbolism, additional research, and live demos. Each video is divided in two parts: explanation, than demonstration. The former should keep you entertained and will only take about 5 min / vid. A script doesn't exist because I didn't use one for much of the content.

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until everyone's got a free weekend, I guess. It doesn't usually take 1 1/2 hours to read a guide y'know?


maybe if you guys are super strapped for time you could watch the vids on 1.25x or 1.5x

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Sorry for lateness. I've watched these, I think they're fine. As far as providing scripts go, I guess it's not necessary. If people don't want to watch videos then a video guide isn't for them. What I might suggest is mirroring the videos somewhere.

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Guest fordaplot

>"they're fine"

>doesn't elaborate on how to improve techniques


Where would you like to see them mirrored?

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