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A tulpa based off of Rick Sanchez

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I know of at least one person who has a Rick and Morty, but they aren't anything like you would think from the show. Most "extreme" characters become a lot more realistic once they are self-aware.

"My lover's got humour,

She's the giggle at a funeral,

Knows everybody's disapproval,

I should've worshipped her sooner."


Host to Samuel, RavenIvy, and Olivia.




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Most people create tulpas who are good influences, or at least neutral ones. I can't imagine anyone honestly wanting to share their life so completely with someone that, err... critical.


But, as Vampire said, I'm sure multiple people will eventually end up using the form, even if the tulpa itself will be/is different.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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