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I brought back an old tulpa and now he is worse than before


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I had once got rid of my tulpa Mohammed and i did it mainly because he was just out right abusive to my other tulpae. I had talked it over with my other tulpae but Mendel convinced me to bring him back. I brought him back within a few days but now he is always antisocial and hides away from us. He will go into full mental breakdown stage if we go near him. Mendel is the only one who can go near him without him freaking out. The only time i see him happy is when Mendel lays down next to him and cuddles up to him (not in a sexual way). I still think that Mendel turnns him on though because ive seen him making out with Mendel before but Mendel. Had the weirdest look on his face afterwards. XD. But yeah i still have no idea whats going on with him and mabey Someone. Out there knows.. ---- Keml

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[Tri] Going to have to agree with tulpa001.


Also keep in mind that the whole experience was probably pretty rough on him. Even if getting rid of him the first time was necessary and there was no other choice, it would still be a rough experience (and obviously, if there was some less extreme alternative that could have been done, it would be a bit rougher) and it is no wonder why he would hide away. He needs time and space.

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