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A Hypothetical Method For Creating A Tulpa's Voice


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Firstly, suppose we were to break down voices into the basic types of qualities that we could use to identify them. Say... 'pitch', 'volume', 'roughness', 'intonation', and other such things. My main question to the forum is roughly, "How many descriptors do you need in order to accurately describe a voice?"


Secondly, if we can agree on a good list of qualities, how could we pick each one for a tulpa and accurately recreate it in the mindscape?


I've always felt that among everything that makes up a tulpa, their voices are hands down one of the most difficult to perfect. It's really annoying to always your tulpas speak in your own voice, even if they're very different from you in every conceivable way. Hell, even among themselves, tulpas can have wildly varying builds, appearances, genders, ethnicities or even...


...species. Ahem.


Basically, it's very awkward for all of them to have the same voice. To make matters worse, I couldn't really find any solid information about how to develop a tulpa's voice. The best advice I've come across is to browse through voices in media like TV shows or video games until you find one that you like. Thing is, there are plenty of classy females doing a British accent, but I found none with exactly the pitch and timbre I wanted. If I found a good pitch, they wouldn't have the accent, and so on. What's more, it took a REALLY long time to even find imperfect voices.


As an example, I'll assume 'pitch' to be the most basic quality for a voice. I've tried using a guitar tuner to play notes until I find a note with the ideal pitch. Then, I'll use that pitch as the basic pitch for my tulpa's voice. My main problem with this method would be how the tuner's electronic tone doesn't match human voices very much. Any alternatives would be much appreciated.


For other qualities, I googled a list of adjectives used to describe voices. Words like, 'husky', 'rough', 'booming', 'fading' or 'honey-tinged' seem pretty useful. The problem is that, for me at least, some of the adjectives aren't easy to imagine in auditory form unless I've personally heard voices that could be described like that, and others are nigh impossible. Would a condensed list be more useful?


Well, that's about it. What do guys you think, is there potential here?

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Trying to create a wholly original voice is just too difficult to do, and too difficult to remember, at least for us. It's much easier to just pick a voice from a celebrity or character and have your tulpa practice speaking and reading in it until it sticks, and from there they can alter it to a pitch, tone, etc, that they prefer. Also practicing how the voice would sound with certain emotions could be helpful (what they would sound like angry, happy, sad, etc).


Our system really sucks at different voices, we find it much easier to just use the body's voice and alter the tone/pitch/inflections, with the exception of Apollo, who has a deeper version of young Paul McCartney's voice because Lyra practiced thinking in it and then gave it to him, and he adapted it to fit himself over time.

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We, too, had similar problems trying to find a different mindvoice for her, more so since we did not want to outright copy the voice of another person. In the end, just by practicing a lot with modifying voices, she has mostly settled into an original one, though she sometimes still starts using mine or someone else's again when tired.


[Tyler]: It's happening less as time goes on, however. At least now I don't have to make a conscious effort. It was very frustrating at the beginning though, like having a word in the tip of your tongue, but permanently.


[Vincent]: If you want to use an existing voice but do not find the one you like, you might want to look into editing it to alter the desired properties through an audio/signal editing software, although results may vary.

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Our progress report.


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