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Tulpamancy spread


What do you think about tulpamancy becoming popular?  

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  1. 1. What do you think about tulpamancy becoming popular?

    • It will stay hidden and I'd like that.
    • It will go public and I'd like that.
    • It will stay hidden and I'd dislike that.
    • It will go public and I'd dislike that.

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I have been wondering something lately. Do you all think tulpamancy/general plurality will become a topic in the public eye, or do you think it will stay underground for the foreseeable future? I personally find it unlikely that it would get popular any time soon, but you never know for sure with the internet. 


Furthermore, as a matter of personal opinion, would you like plurality to be such, so you could discuss it openly anywhere, or would you prefer it staying much like it is right now, in a little corner of the internet? I would pessimistically guess that a witch hunt would ensue, with public plurals most likely suffering harassment for it, so I am not very enthused with the possibility.

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I think it will hardly gain any traction in the wide mainstream. Perhaps it will blow up for a couple months like some mind-tamagochi and when people will get over it and onto the next hip thing it will become obscure again.


Personally, both I and Martina hope that will no happen, firstly because of all the poor tulpas that will be fading away because of a terrible host and secondly because I'm a hipster trash who likes it better when it is obscure.

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This community likes to make a lot of noise. Every year, someone new is trying to force tulpas into the limelight. Supernatural, Twin Peaks, Popular youtubers. It's a fascinating topic.


For the short term, the community is actually gaining popularity, albeit very slowly. This will remain solid so long as this community keeps getting a lot of eyeballs.


As to general plurality, the story is different. Larger population, smaller internet presence, quiet outside of more formalised advocacy settings.

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pretty sure if we haven't gotten popular in five years it's not happening any time soon, but I think plurality as a whole is getting more popular like all communities combined. But I still don't think it'll ever really be a thing people widely know about or consider normal, oh well. But definitely more and more people will learn about it over time at least

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I don't see it being mainstream, and I'd prefer it not to be mainstream as there would be a fuck ton of people making tulpas for the wrong reasons, or treating them in morally abhorrent ways. Tulpas becoming recognized by people in the psychological field as a healthy form of plurality might be good though.

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