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Little Green Sphene!

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So I have a few pictures of Sphene that I've drawn.  She started out as a Steven Universe OC, but she's since become my own character outside of the SU... er, universe.  I started developing her own story and universe to star in a few months ago.  The tulpa I'm creating is based on Sphene, but isn't literally Sphene.  But, to start, she'll resemble her.  It's up to her how she might change or deviate from these designs, both in form and personality.


Also, Sphene's form in my mind is far more realistic. I didn't want her form to be a cartoon, so I did my best to translate her cartoon design into a real-looking person, albeit with yellow-green skin and fern-colored hair. Sometime I would like to try and draw Sphene as I now imagine her.




Sphene and a moth:




And Sphene cosplaying as a witch from Little Witch Academia:




Oh, and an expression sheet I did for her quite some time ago:



Hi!  I'm Danielle.

Tulpa: Sphene

Our Progress Report

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I'm really digging your art style and her design! She's adorable.

   Hello! Our names are Slipper (host) and Mordecai (formerly named Sans). We blend a lot, so we're sorry if we flip between "I" and "We" constantly.

   I do free commissions on the art board.

   Our grammar sucks.


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