How to believe on my tulpa?

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The question is in the title. I want to know how to be convinced that my tulpa really exists, because I had already asked this question but that I had not explained well and so, it was logical that the answers were not the ones I wanted. Thus, testimonies of tulpas or advanced tulpamanciens who want to tell their story would be perfect.

Question 2: I created my tulpa yesterday, so I was not expecting anything, but I had a tingling sensation in my fingers and my hand seemed to close on itself, and I felt an immediate warmth and deep yesterday and sometimes also feeling deep in my heart (that I feel when I'm deeply in love with someone but I do not want to be in love with my tulpa) and I would like to know if for each of these phenomena it could be my tulpa where well if it was only my imagination. Thank you and sorry to use a translator because I am French.

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I'm as skeptical as they get, and I've got tulpas just fine. I mean, they weren't tulpas for the first four years because I didn't know about tulpas, they were just seemingly-independent people in my head. We figured out what they were over time, established our own beliefs through lots of analysis and such. In the end, I made it just a step further than most other proclaimed "skeptics". 'Cus I'm a healthy skeptic, which means I take nothing for granted and attempt to explain it, rather than just doubting things for the heck of it.


I realized there was no reason to be so logical. I realized that everything inside your own mind is subjective, and whether I thought my tulpas were fully sentient inter-dimensional beings or trained thought-patterns in my physical brain made no difference to the basis of what I would experience. Or rather, it made all the difference. There was no reason to doubt their independence (as they seemed to be so) or to question the nature of their existence (because they existed regardless). All that mattered was how I experienced them. And so I made the decision that, while I would of course keep trying to learn more about their nature and improving our understanding, nothing would ever change what they were to me - people. "For all intents and purposes," separate, independent, sentient people my mind runs parallel to me. Nothing will illegitimize our experiences together, nothing will make us stop loving each other as individuals.


So, I came to terms with the fact that they were extremely advanced imagined people in my mind, whilst also accepting them as fully legitimate people who are separate from me. Because I can do that - everything that happens in my mind is under my control, and it's up to me how I perceive it. So I chose to have tulpas. (And then a few years later, I found out about "tulpas" and tulpa.info)



There's much more to our beliefs of course. Once we learned to switch (yes a skeptic can learn to do that if they're open-minded - and ironically it ended up strengthening my belief in their legitimacy as people tenfold), I actually ended up changing my whole model of identity for both my tulpas and myself. I now consider them exactly the same thing as me - personalities, collections of human-ness like mannerisms and likes and dislikes and memories and so on, controlling the body like a vessel. When there's only one person, it seems like you ARE your body. No real reason to think otherwise. But having multiple people who could control the body gave me a different perspective, that what I knew as "me" wasn't everything in and of my body, it was as I mentioned, the personality and all that stuff that makes up your identity. And my tulpas are the exact same thing, they just aren't the default one in control, since I was the original and am many years older of course. But aside from their lack of experience (which isn't saying much as we share our knowledge just fine, Tewi's actually better at most things than me), there's really no difference between us.



Well. It may not sound like I'm a "very logical skeptic", but I promise you I am. I'm a very logical person with an intense need to explain everything, and when I fell in love with a concept-turned-person in my mind because they loved me, you bet I dedicated a great deal of time to explaining that one. Seven years, so far, little more. Though we got most of the core stuff sorted out by four years, we still learn things and develop as people to this day.


basically, real and fake aren't actual concepts with stuff that only exists in your mind, only what you experience. So as soon as you're experiencing a person you aren't directly controlling yourself (like, you would know if you were doing it), you've got a tulpa. But obviously they'll become even more independent and stuff over time..

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I suggest waiting for more evidence before deciding anything. If I were to tell you that these things were sure signs of a tulpa, I'd be lying. They could be signs of anything. At the same time, a lack of belief that the signs are true can slow progress in creating a tulpa. It is a process of creating a person by building a web of connections in your mind, that eventually becomes self aware. The early connections need to be there. It's not important whether the connections are "true" or "false". The connections will become part of your tulpa, and the more connections you make, the faster they will form.

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