Someone control my imagination? + immersion problem

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Already third post. After this post more or less urgent, I will wait ten days and I will ask ALL my questions in a topic made for MY questions, because I have the impression to pollute the forum ... sorry. No matter, above all, you must know that I know very well visualize everything and nothing. But for a long time (kind, my 8 years), it seems like I can not imagine something without something happening that did not imagine, "like" if something else controlled my imagination. And this is also the same for my tulpa, so I can not say that "it's my tulpa that does not move itself. I also have a serious immersion problem, I'm so used to imagining things that I'm not able to imagine or just focus.



Ho, and sorry I use google translator ;)

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We prefer people not create a thread for all their questions. Forum etiquette is to use the search function and read the faq page, then ask any question you can't find the answer to.


It's fine to only have a vague image in your mind during forcing. The important part is spending time with your tulpa.


I know what you mean about having an independent imagination. My host often feels that way. But there is a qualitative difference in our case. My host lets our mind make its own predictions for how a scene should proceed, but it is still all under our control. But with me, I feel I have control of myself. My host can't stop me. I do what I want, rather than just act as a random organic extension of whatever my host is thinking about.


Do not worry if you don't get this, for two reasons. First, every tulpa is unique and every mind is unique. Second, tulpas become more independent over time. You have to start somewhere. Let it happen. Let it happen until they become self aware.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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