How do I properly meditate and visualize?

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So I searched the forum and couldn't find much that helps me, I have literally no idea where to even begin meditation. I also have a god awful minds eye. I can't create a wonderland, nor visualize my tulpa with ease. When I close my eyes to picture something, all I see is a dim, blurry image with dark colors, and that's only for a Max time of 15-20 seconds. I loosely participated in this community a few years ago, but couldn't get past this. After finding it again and realizing how bad I want to make a tulpa, I figured asking the community could help. Anything will be appreciated, and I will do anything I have to to get over this hurdle

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I'm not an expert but maybe I can help you at least a bit.

I would suggest you to take a picture of a ball or another simple thing, look at it for a few seconds and then close your eyes and try your best to visualize it. Repeat it. Even if it's hard at first. After some time it should become better and easier for you to picture something.

When I'm meditating, I just sit comfortable but straight, focus on my breathing and try to let my thoughts pass by. After this, I feel very concentrated.


Just do not worry.

Tulpa: Kowalski

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It is normal to have difficulty to visualize. Some staff do not pierce that to imagine the vague form of their tulpa, whereas for example me I could imagine exactly what I could since my 5 years. me, now I have my own difficulty (I do not control My imagination, thoughts we jostle).

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