Hardly controlled visualization

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I've recently started  visualization practice to create our wonderland as soon as possible but faced the following problem.


The point is when I am starting to visualize smth more than just a single object my imagination goes wild. One view rolls into another while I can hold it only for 1-2 sec. Background is shifting and twisting by itself. The room I am trying to imagine myself in is spining around me. Etc.


I won't call my mind's eye blind, I could make myself to see pretty good detailed stuff. And as I presume there shouldn't be a problem with forcing tulpa's look but, I mean, she needs wonderland even more than I do...


So, here is the main question: is there some sort of special technique that could help me or I am just driving myself crazy without any reason and it's just about time and patience?


p.s I also have strange dreams time to time. It's like I am trying to visualize/create smth while dreaming but in that case I do it without any problems, perfectly detailed and staying focused.


p.p.s. Sorry if I messed smth with english - describing all of it appeared to be unexpectedly hard for me))

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There the same to me. I cannot control my imagination, but the best is to imagine, more and more,it would help you.

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This has been asked a lot, so here are some threads that might help you:



Question about my mind

Complete loss of control during visualization

Things keep spinning when I force


There are plenty more (people talk about this all the time when you search for 'intrusive thoughts'), but that's just everything that I found after a minute or two of searching. A lot of it comes down to practice - don't try to visualize everything at once; start with simple objects and build up to larger, more complex ones. If the spinning/warping gets too bad, take a short break to let things settle and try again. If you're able to ignore it, try your best to.

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