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Tulpamancy Research Thesis


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                          Please read the following carefully


My name is Ciarán Dervan, I am currently conducting and undergraduate research project in the School of Psychology in University College Dublin, under the supervision of Dr. Michelle Downes. Thank you for your interest in taking part in this study.  


STUDY TITLE: Tulpamancy: An Exploration.


OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: This study aims to assess aspects of Tulpamancy using two distinct investigative methods. Firstly, an in-depth thematic analysis will be conducted on relevant threads of the Tulpa.info website to detail the major aspects of the practice. Secondly, an online questionnaire will be administered to gather participants’ demographic information, accounts of their methods, as well as their experiences and attitudes regarding Tulpamancy. This phase of the study will also utilize four standardized tests to assess aspects of everyday thinking and behaviour of the Host (person who created the Tulpa/s).


WHAT HAPPENS IF I VOLUNTEER?: Your participation is entirely voluntary. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate, and be of sound mind – meaning you can legally give your own consent to participate in this study. If you decide to take part and subsequently change your mind, you may withdraw from the study at any time without difficulty, so long as you have not submitted your finished questionnaire. If you agree to participate in this study you will complete a self-report questionnaire, details of which can be found above and in the cover sheet of the questionnaire.


RIGHT TO WITHDRAW: You can withdraw from the study at any point provided you have not yet submitted your finished questionnaire. However, once the questionnaire has been submitted it will no longer be possible to withdraw your data as it will be anonymous and unidentifiable.


ARE THERE ANY BENEFITS TO MY PARTICIPATION?: Tulpamancy is a new practice, as such there is sparsely any literature on the topic, yet alone scientific studies. Your participation will help to build on the existing research, and aid in providing more first-hand information on Tulpas to a wider audience.


ARE THERE ANY RISKS INVOLVED IN PARTICIPATING? The risks associated with participation in this study are minimal, there are questions relating to personal opinions and experiences but none of these are gathered unnecessarily. Furthermore, all information given will be anonymized and confidential. Upon completion of the questionnaire, you may return to this thread to avail of the mental health resources linked below if you have been negatively affected by any of the topics raised.


CONFIDENTIALITY: All information gathered via this questionnaire will remain anonymous, and you are asked not to put your name, or the name of your Tupla/s anywhere on the questionnaire. Direct quotations may be presented to illustrate an unforeseen point or consideration, but will not be identifiable, and only used if essential. Data from the questionnaire will be kept digitally in anonymized form in a password protected file on a password protected computer, and kept for a maximum of one year after the thesis has been examined by the university. As this is a thesis the finished study will be reviewed by members of the university, and it may subsequently be published. You are reminded that all publicly viewed and published versions of the final thesis will be deidentified and anonymous. Should the study be published, a link will be provided in the original research thread so that you can read the results of the study you helped to complete.


If you agree to the terms listed above, please follow the link below to continue to the questionnaire.






If you have been affected by the questions or topics raised in this study and would like to talk to someone about how you are feeling, the resources below offer excellent counselling services and advice.


• Visit https://www.imalive.org/ to talk with someone if you are in crisis.

• Visit https://www.mentalhealth.gov/ and click on the section “Talk about mental health” to talk to someone, or “How to get help” for further instructions on seeking help.

• You can email the Samaritans at: jo@samaritans.org to talk to someone about any negative feelings, or give them a call at 116123 UK and ROI

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Dear Dutch, I'm afraid you may have misunderstood my study, this isn't a personality questionnaire. I think Tulpamancy could be very beneficial to many people and could further consciousness studies in general. However, as an undergraduate student I am limited in what I am able to do, I aim to cover as many areas of the subject as possible and the validity of my study is rooted in using reliable standardised psychometric measures which outline Tulpamancy's relationship to everyday cognition, as such I cannot investigate much of what intrigues me about Tulpamancy. I hope to use this study as a foundation for further research, and your participation would greatly help.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for all your responses thus far.

I still need a few more respondents in order to ensure a representative sample as I hope to cover as many topics in Tulpamancy as possible within my time frame. The questionnaire will only take approx. 20 minutes and I'll be sure to post a copy of the completed project here so that you can see the work you helped to create.

Thanks again.

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Make sure to post in the various other communities if you haven't already. Off the top of my head there's the subreddit, tulpa.io, irc chat, and the discord server.

I don't visit as often as I used to. If you want me to see something, make sure to quote a post of mine or ping me @jean-luc

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