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Should I Make Another Tulpa?

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So...I made a tulpa at the time that I made this account.  I loved her and treated her as my child, and she had reached semi-sentience.  But, my depression was getting in the way of both my life, and my relationship with her.  I didn't want to hurt her with my mental illness, and I believed that I couldn't raise her anymore.  I let her dissipate, and I've regretted it since.  But I think it was for the best.  I wish to create another tulpa, but I want to know if I should.  I'm in a way better state now, and I think I need someone to have a close connection with.  What is your guys' opinion?



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I've never seen what I thought was a good answer for whether or not anyone should make a tulpa. At one point I thought there waren't any “good” reasons. If your making a tulpa because you're lonely, you should be making “real” friends instead. If you want to do it “For Science!”, then it seems wrong to create a person just for an experiment. Now, I don't know.


One of the most important things is making sure you have the time and willpower to talk to your tulpa every day. But it's a very personal decision; Think about what's involved, about how it will affect your life (both potential pros and cons), and make the decision for yourself. Or just wait for someone else to comment.


Also, as long as you remember them, tulpas never really die. It may take a bit of work, but I suspect you could bring back your tulpa if you wanted.

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You can bring back a dissipated tulpa, especially one that only "dissipated" over time. I had one I actually intended to dissipate come back on her own after a year, when the system was a much different place. The main problem is you'll have roughly the same struggles you had developing them the first time, ie blurry appearance and voice. If it was early on/your first time tulpamancing, you may have some problems with perceived parroting and such again. But you should never worry about accidental parroting in the first place; it'll turn into your tulpa eventually even if you were accidentally parroting. That's just an essential part of the early creation process, nothing to worry about. You stop parroting automatically when they start to be themselves, and they start to be themselves once your mind figures out who they are and how to be them.


In the future, simply speaking to your tulpa every once in a while will keep them from totally "dissipating", though they'll still become harder to hear and see if you don't spend enough time with them. And welcome back.

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Thank you both for your responses, and after much consideration, I think I may try Tulpamancy again. But, I will be involved more often and seek help if I can't handle things in a certain situation.



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