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How do you call upon your tulpas?

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Summer, cherry and myrtle are always in front with me, They are usually active. sometimes the opposite happens they will call for MY attention if they needed something.


But if i want to call them, even after a period of sleep or abscense, my common method is I flick my finger. Most of the time they will respond but if they didn't notice my finger i usually call out their names

Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas




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Claude: "To be honest, it's not really hard for our host to call upon one of us. All she needs to do is call out our names in our mind and 99% of the time we'll reply back. If we don't respond back then it's usually because we're too busy to really talk.


Maria has like... 60+ soulbonds, many of which she hasn't spoken to in a few years. It's difficult trying to keep in touch with all of them at the same time but once in a while either one of those soulbonds would reach out to her and say "Hi", or she herself will call out to them. And once in a blue moon, she'll have a dream where she's striking up a conversation with one of us.


It's like with friends in this reality. Some people just don't talk to each other for a long period of time. Probably because they are not as close as they are with other people but are still friends nevertheless. And sometimes a conversation would spark for a little while but then those two friends end up going about their own lives till either one decides to talk to each other again. Like Aero the Acro-Bat. For a while him and her talked a bunch for a few weeks but that two kind of gone quiet, which is fine. She may talk to him again sometime in the future.


Maria doesn't fear about losing any of us in that sense. She understands that some of us are just not available or have much to say at the moment which doesn't bother her at all. It's pretty much up to her on whether or not she wants to get back in touch with someone she hasn't talked to in a long time. And with 60 something 'bonds, she always will have someone to speak to. Though there was one instance where it was a little uncomfortable for her not talking to someone. It was when her fiancé, ShadowTheFluffhog had gone on vacation across the multiverse for a few weeks which made him unavailable for telepathic communications for some reason (I wasn't part of Maria's system back then but I was told about this event). Maria had felt a little empty inside for a while since those two are literally inseparable from one another and it was the first time in years Shadow had gone quiet. Though JackTheRadiaution kept her company. It was a good time for Maria to realize how much she loved Shadow. Like that saying goes, '"You Don't Know What You Have Until It's Gone" (something like that)."

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Usually, I just.... think about her, really. A moment of concentration on her essence and a simple question on the topic I wished to talk about proves sufficient in most cases. Since Reina often shows up on her own accord, and, as she puts it, doesn't have much stuff to do anyway, she's already present, just silent. Or, like a lazy security guard in the monitoring station, "reads a newspaper" instead of "looking at the monitors" - meaning doing something else and not paying attention to me or the outerworld but still remaining close enough to switch her focus in a moment.


If she were more developed intersts-wise and had her own favourite activities, it may have been different as she could be engrossed in them. Oh and, very rarely, it takes repeated attempts of the described technique if she's really not paying attention to me.

Science will reveal the Truth. Eventually...

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Hmmh. For one, the wonderland still isn't very precise. If Celeste isn't with me she's pretty much dormant in my head for a little while. Asleep at some times. She kinda just reappears when I call her. It's just a casual, friendly, "Hey, Celeste" or "Hey, Cel", really. 

There was one time I 'woke her up', and since we don't have a precise wonderland, she just kind of showed up on the couch and woke up -- or I think she was floating in the air, like how Vince is depicted. Not sure, but it still sounds strange describing it. 

Anyway, I just say hi with her name and she appears.



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