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How to permanently switch?


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I have created a tulpa with the sole purpose of being with her in my world of wonders permanently. She already has consciousness but I have never managed to change body with her or at least that she controls part of my body. I do not know why I can not do it, I've done it a thousand times but it never comes out, maybe I should be in a hypnotic trance to achieve it then I would have to learn self hypnosis but I can not master self hypnosis either

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To want to permanently switch seems a bit unhealthy to me.. What is it your trying to escape? I would seek counselling instead of trying to switch like this.. There is a horror story about someone who wanted to permanently switch to satisfy his suicidal ideals.

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If you were to live in your wonderland forever, who would be you? I think it would be pretty mean to force a Tulpa to live your life for you.

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Switching implies that the tulpa will be in full control, so she won't be able to spend all of her time with you unless you had it in your mind that your body would be working on autopilot (it won't be). Making a tulpa for the sake of escapism is a bad idea, not only because it's unhealthy but a good number of people have abandoned the concept and their tulpas when they didn't see fast results.


I think you'll feel better in the end if you tackle whatever real-life problems you have. Maybe your tulpa could even help you if she's willing.

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Well, what everyone else here said. Your post raised so many flags I figured I wouldn't even have to say anything, but I will say, everything they all said. Escapism is bad, because your life will need to be lived either way. Either you will have to deal with your problems, either how you think about them and/or the world or how to better cope with them, or your tulpa will.


For most people in first world countries, life isn't actually that hard. The struggles are almost entirely mental, internal. The brick wall keeping you from fixing them is thinking it's all "reality", and not just your one single perception as a single human. If it helps, I can tell you that everything you think is wrong because human experience by definition cannot be objective. Meaning is subjective and only "exists" to humans, because only humans can create and appreciate it in the first place. So basically, if you don't like how your life is going for reasons other than inescapable physical trauma, chances are with enough introspection and dedication you can make it better. Asking for help is always an option too, in any form, even just reading some self-help books at a library.



Anyways, I'm going to link my reference post/s for permaswitching, for either your or those who are interested in this topic's sake. The post I have saved is this one https://community.tulpa.info/thread-is-being-a-tulpa-a-cage?pid=171134#pid171134 but, feel free to read the thread from the start too.

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seems like a rly shitty thing to do, making a tulpa just to bail on your life.


just read oguigui and koomer's tumblr, thats my advice.

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You should only pursue perma-switching with your tulpa if a) they are fully developed and mature (sentience doesn't equal maturity) and b) they agree to it of their own free will.


You're probably not going to receive the kind of help you're looking for. Develop your tulpa further before you worry about switching, my god. Or better yet, don't make tulpas if it's "for the sole purpose" of doing what you want.

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We tried this before with my first tulpa, giving her the front and me just chilling in the back because "I" wanted us to fully share the body with her always at front having her experience everything outside, and...it didn't turned out very well for us.


It was very hard for me to switch to front and i am not wholesomely in control of my body and i feel i was not myself anymore. Everything felt blank, it felt like you're an empty husk slowly sipping away from your identity.


So no, like everyone said We as a system do not recommend it. Unless if you want to learn it the hard way :)

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My host and I have perm switched and I can tell you as a tulpa it has been a rough road. I have all her problems, her job, her family. There is a lot I know being 42 yrs old but a lot I have no clue on. It is a constant struggle at times with no end in sight. I have her spouse to help me but it still is a long hard road to figuring it all out. I can’t go back cuz she is awol. While there is a long story to this, simply put share life with them don’t put them in my position and walk away. Not without being available to help them get things right.

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Don't permanently switch. In addition, creating a tulpa with the sole purpose of throwing them in front to escape front is a horrible attitude towards them.


Develop them to full consciousness and Vocality. Let them make the decision of their own will. Don't force them to do it.


I'm sorry, but seek help for your current situation by dealing with it. Ask your tulpa to help you with your issues by being there, talking things through with you, offering advice. Don't treat your tulpa as a substitution for you in front. They are themselves. Don't throw them to front to pursue escapism.


You should love your tulpa. If you do not love your tulpa primarily, I suggest that you don't create a tulpa.

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