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Feeling a Tulpas Presence

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How I feel Martina? You ever had someone lean in very, very close behind you? That tingling feeling in one of your shoulders? You know they're there even if you don't see them. That's how I know where Martina is.

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When I imagine a regular character, they feel like mere empty puppets to me, lacking any sort of thought or presence at all. When I imagine my tulpas, there's this sort of "weight" that they carry that's hard to describe. Their form represents their mind, so I can feel their mind when I imagine them. "Walk-ins," characters, imaginary people, or dissipated tulpas completely lack this weight when I imagine them.


When my tulpas front, I can feel a strong tingling feeling in my head, or a huge pressing feeling. I usually get this weird sensation in the back of my throat. Usually the sensations that come with fronting vary depending on who is doing it (Apollo usually has incredibly strong tingling/head pressure feelings) or how strongly they're doing it.

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Yeah, same here. Had three tulpas for 8 years and made another 3 years ago, and they all feel quite different from imagining someone. They even feel different from imagining them. I can imagine them speak, but there's a lack of "weight" I suppose like Beatles said. Obviously I could probably imagine responses from them pretty accurately for the most part, but there's no real thought put into them. Perhaps that's what the feeling of "weight" is - thought going on somewhere in your brain, rather than easy automatic responses your imagination is used to.


As for moreso imposition but also just having them active at any moment, there is also the feeling of being alone or not. I've been quite alone before, away from home, in a cold room in the middle of the night, but having my tulpas imposed really made me feel like I wasn't alone there, not in the slightest. It was kind of amazing even at the time to realize that. To think, "I'm totally alone right now, in this empty place, miles from home, but I don't feel alone at all." Noting this wasn't the ever-present background "not alone" that comes with having tulpas, I meant physically in the surrounding area I felt not alone because I had my tulpas imposed (specifically Flandre and I in my bed, Lucilyn and Reisen in another, and Tewi sitting by a window)


It's really something.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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While we don't experience head pressures anymore, detecting another's presence is usually done through mental color-coding, which could be a useful tool for general forcing purposes. The color (and the feeling evoked from it) associated with a tulpa holds its own weight for us, and the host uses it to sort stray thoughts from ours while distressed.

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Reilianna and Alena both let their presence be known in very strange ways sometimes. I occasionally get head pressure, though this has lessened over time as they continue to develop other ways of communicating with me. This does however still occur when they get really wound up or excited about something. More often than not though, it's almost like they give me a mental poke to let me know they want something, sometimes they vocalize and just say what's going on, and every now and then I can feel them (literally), lean a head on my shoulder, or place a hand there. Rei is found of nuzzling and I often feel her on my right side where my neck meets my shoulder.


These are all warm pleasant feelings and I enjoy them when they happen. As many have mentioned, when the girls are sleeping it is very quite, almost in a spooky way, but that's when I pop in and check on them and make sure they're tucked into bed and not sleeping somewhere really odd, and are safe.

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