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See it or memorize it?

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I notice that when I try to visualize, I sometimes can see something moving more or less vaguely and other days my visualization is in the dump. After looking at some visualization guides I found the "imagine a canvas" example that suggests your Tulpa (Ranger) paint / draw different colored numbers and my job is to know what number is what color.


When trying this out, Ranger would draw a number and noticed that I am trying to memorize the numbers. Already knowing that memory is not my strong suit, I would get frustrated and keep not getting the colors right or forgetting the color of certain numbers.


My question is this: Is memorization super important when it comes to visualization? If it is, then that would explain a lot because despite being a visual person my memory is pathetic. If not, then what do I need to do to "see" the numbers?

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i havent read that guide but i can see it being a distraction for me, i wouldnt rely heavily on any task that makes you focus too heavily on a memory game like that, if its harder than the visualisation itself it seems pointless to do it.


if you wanna work on visualisation, tell your tup youre gonna listen to an audiobook together, and focus on visualising that as you listen. :)

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Memory certainly helps, but it's more important to establish the visual communication channel - allowing your tulpa to control the visualization rather than pulling everything from your own memory.


A certain amount of conscious effort may be required in the initial stages to establish a well-defined starting point in your memory, but thereafter, the tulpa should control the visualization. Being too dependent on your memory may result in excessive puppeting, restraining the tulpa's freedom.


I don't care for mind games like what you describe and I'm sure I'd be awful at it. I feel it's wasting effort in the wrong area.

I have a hard time memorizing details about pointless things, but things that are important to me will get stored quickly and saved forever.

I can "see" things that I've seen before mentally. Even complex things - if I've looked at it enough to commit to memory.

The same thing with a tulpa. You need a clear mental image of their form.


You need to be able to "think" in images, rather than words. As long as you have a strong mental image of your tulpa's form and an ability to think in images, they should be able to render "live" changes in your visualization, rather than you bringing forth everything from your memory. If it's important enough to your tulpa to require you to memorize a permanent change, your tulpa should present it in the visualization over and over until it's committed to your memory.

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