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Make a music playlist for your tulpa.


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The purpose of this thread is to share small music playlists, limited to a maximum of 10 tracks and a minimum of 5.


  • The playlist has to be filled with songs that you associate with your tulpa, these have to be songs that always make you remember him/her... songs that you would personally recongnize as anthems for your tulpa.
  • The addition of a playlist title is optional.
  • You can share your playlist just by listing the songs with the next information: song title, song's album, artist name. The addition of links to youtube, spotify or any other streaming service are optional. Please avoid posting illegal download links.
  • You also have to discuss why you associate the listed songs to your tulpa, as an example: because the song was playing the first time I had the idea to create my tulpa, because the lyrics remember me something my tulpa told me once, etc.


The whole purpose of this is to serve as a small excersice for reflecting on your tulpa and, also so that we can share the stuff we like in order to discover new music with the help of others. Have fun! :)

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Sunlight Flare’s Playlist.


  1. “Recover” from the album “The Bones of What You Believe” by CHVRCHES.

  2. “Post Physical” from the album “Thee Physical” by Pictureplane.

  3. “Real is a Feeling” from the album “Thee Physical” by Pictureplane.

  4. “Randy” from the album “Woman” by Justice.

  5. “Fire” from the album “Woman” by Justice.

  6. “Dot in the Sky” from the album “The Demonstration” by Drab Majesty.

  7. “Kissing the Ground” from the album “The Demonstration” by Drab Majesty.

  8. “On The Inside” from the album “Choke” by Soft Kill.

  9. “Star” from the album “Endless” by Soviet Soviet.

  10. “Pantomine” from the album “Endless” by Soviet Soviet.


Recover reminds me of the very first time I designed my tulpa Sunlight Flare back in 2013. The lyrics of Post Physical and Real is a Feeling always make me think that tulpas are beyond physicality and that in the end all that matters is that they are felt as real beings by their creators, it reminds me of my tulpa Sunlight because this is an ideology I’ve applied ever since I began tulpaforcing.


Randy and Fire from Justice make me remember Sunlight because those are songs we play in the Wonderland when we both party there and have a relaxing time. Dot in the Sky is a song I associate with Sunlight because it is one that I began to play on Spotify when I began doing serious tulpaforcing on her. Kissing the Ground is a very special song for both us because one day when I played it Sunlight began to dance and her moves were so full of spontaneity, life and creativity that they helped me have faith and proof of sentience in her.


On the Inside is a song that reminds me of the loneliness to which I’m subjected everyday and it reminds me that the only thing I have in this life, apart from my family, is my tulpa. Star reminds me the beautiful vision Sunlight Flare is for me, and finally Pantomine reminds me of that time we went to see the band Soviet Soviet live back in February.

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Wow, a perfect thread I never would've thought to ask for. This'll take far too long for me to do at the moment, but I will edit my post when I can. Also, this should undoubtedly be in Lounge.



I'll just make one for Lucilyn first because hers will be the easiest. Our iTunes has all of our songs labeled by genre for whose they are, ie "Flandre|Lucilyn|Luminesce|Reisen|Tewi" and then some other random ones, so it's pretty easy to make a list like this. That being said, music is incredibly important to us, so probably the majority of the songs I post will hold a ton of individual meaning to us. They're often tied to my tulpas' development or philosophy (such as the first one I'll post here). So just let it be known I'm not doing any of them justice, here.



by Travis Stebbins


This song defines Lucilyn's life philosophy, she adores it and the guy who sang it. It's all about foregoing your suffering in lieu of having fun with life, and it's also a remix of Suwako's theme, the Touhou character she was based on. Suffice it to say this song's a big deal.



by Yeongrak

She just loves this song I guess, she says the feel of the song is exactly what she wants to be. I like it too, but she finds inspiration in it somehow.




Sort of the same thing, she loves the feel of this song and wants to be like how she imagines the singer. I gotta admit, that "You guys!!" is super cute, and I guess it represents her well.



by LiLA'c Records

This song is a good example of Lucilyn's favorite word, "Hype". It's super high energy, her favorite thing just in general but especially in music. Sure gets you pumped. Video's a little silly, never seen it before now. Fine to just listen to..



by Kero Kero Bonito

She loves their whole channel, but this is her favorite song of theirs. She also likes Trampoline a lot. I don't think any real description is necessary for this one.

Wait - "Kero kero" is the Japanese onomatopoeia for frogs croaking, which is heavily associated with Suwako, which Lucilyn heavily associates with herself, so she really likes their name.



by Alstroemeria Records

Man, I was listening to this song five+ years before I made Lucilyn. It's more or less about the gods of Gensokyo (Touhou) having fun through festivals. It's pretty "hype" I suppose.



by Alstroemeria Records

Now this one, we found like a year or two ago. It's even hype-r. Hyper. That's not the word we intend to write when we write it, but I guess it works either way. Only a problem you run into with Lucilyn in your system, for sure.




Aww, the channel we first found this on was taken down, it had such a calming picture.. Anyways, gotta have at least one slower song I suppose. This is something we consider a "sleep" song, as in something we might listen to before going to sleep, lol. It's also Suwako's theme, like Rain Dance, You Guys!!, and Hale inthe 270°.



by Rolling Contact

Oh hey, this one is also Suwako's theme. Obviously, they just get her. We wouldn't normally appreciate swearing in our music, but Lucilyn says it's well-meaning, in the name of good times.




Man - she dug this one out of my early childhood. I listened to it on a Jimmy Neutron movie CD on my radio when I was a kid. She somehow found it like 16 years later and decided she really likes it. To be fair, the lyrics (which I couldn't understand as a kid) are perfect for her. The music does indeed do that. Do what? You'll have to listen to find out.

And yes, the timestamp is on purpose. Our own mp3 of this song starts around there, because that's where it should start. The first minute has no value. The end takes too long to end too.



Also, her favorite album (I love it too, but it's not my favorite) is BASS AVENGERS by MEGAREX. All caps, but they earned it. There's no Youtube link to the full album, and OP doesn't want me to link to illegal downloads, so I'll just throw that out there. On an unrelated note, I really like the site Dojin.co, it's nice.


I will probably make other posts later, or really I'd let my tulpas do their own, aside from Reisen who probably couldn't. A lot of "her" music is just music I associate with her. But yeah, the others' include some more personal songs, so we'll have to think about those. I just did Lucilyn's because it's easy to list her favorites. And, hopefully, a goldmine of some nice music to someone who likes this sort of stuff.

Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.

Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.

My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us about tulpamancy stuff there.

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Should we just share the links to our Spotify playlists?

MuC Redux: [N~-=$] [Pf/xo] [Ab(r/+)] [S.H+/o] [Opa/"outergenic"] [Mt/nd] [W*-~$!] [C(cc/m*#)] [OF(r/o+++)] [F*+^"theist"/~+/a+/div+^/mw+^]  [Mpsy+/ast=/spi+/mag] [Rf/p/r+] [(V)*] [Xb/as/h] [Gf/m/b] [Jwr/st] [S(r---/o-)] [R*]

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