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Let's say you did everything your Tulpa told you.

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What would happen? How much would this influence your life?


I'll start. For me the changes would be drastic - and actually very positive. I would't spend as much time on the.computer, i'd be more understanding of people, I'd go to bed earlier and I would pursue my hobbies much more, as well as doing useful activities.


How about you?

What is a Tulpa? Blog

Rainbow 'Alyx' Dash


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I would run around in open fields and tumble around with him in the grass... basically all day.

It's times like this I realize just how similar to actual animals he is, despite his human speech and poise.


Also, if he knew I had no way to refuse, he'd probably make me do a lot of humiliating things that I would never want to do...

It's times like this I realize how amusing he finds a bit of sadism to be.

The above post does not contain facts.

q2's the host, QB's the tulpa.


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Good and bad, Shin is the type of guy where if someone insulted me, he'd probably tell me to "punch the mofo", but also Shin is very loyal and wouldn't do things to me that would be harmful according to his perspective.

My opinions are all subject to change.

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When I'm not taking him to amusement parks, rock climbing, wakeboarding, and every other adrenaline junkie activity; I'd be spending every waking hour drawing/writing without the slightest use of the internet save for the occasional use of the IRC or a few movie downloads.


I'd probably be better off doing that too...

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For Pinkie, the change to me would be extremely positive, almost to the point of present me being sick by the pure thought of it. I'd basically stop being rude and also become very forgiving and caring.


For Louis, I'd continue down the somewhat same alley as always, with some changes here and there. He lazes around a lot, but is eager to do possession so that he may play vidya. He claims to not have any real suggestions, though, and thinks that I should just do what Pinkie says, if I were to follow orders from any of my tuppers at all.

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I'd kill people.




Ontopic: I'd get off my ass and do stuff other than sit around on tulpa.info.

Reply has ended. You can stop reading now.

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Guest Anonymous

Cut going on the internet all together. Get rid of my computer. Sell everything but basic eating utensils, tools, my books, and a few sets of clothes. Use the money to buy a cheap 10 acres in Northwest Territories. Pack it all up and hitchhike to the Northwest Territories. Live off the grid in complete seclusion with the nearest human being 50 miles away for the rest of my life. Profit. Although it's extreme, I'm going to take her advice when I finish building up my funds and impose her. All in due time.

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