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What point does a Tulpa first begin to exist

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I am new to this whole thing, I have had experience with this concept before, and when seeing that it was, as one would say, a real thing, I naturally decided to give it a try. Being only a few days into the process, I have a few questions that I would ask. Most importantly, I am confused as to when the Tulpa begins to exist? I have an active imagination anyway and that fact is exacerbated by my relative youth, so I believe that I have a bit of an edge on the process, and I think I have felt certain tremors reminiscent of what is described as the first contact with a Tulpa, though I am open to the idea they are psychosomatic. Does the Tulpa begin to exist simply after the conception of itself comes to be, even if only in an extremely primitive form, or does it take longer for it to even begin to exist. As of now, I have had perhaps one active forcing session, and not a long one at that, though to make up for this I have attempted to speak to the tulpa rather constantly(As you can guess, yes, I like to talk a lot.) I am a little worried I am rambling to myself. I also don't understand how it takes so much time to create a form for most people, after about ten minutes of active forcing I had conceptualized and fleshed out a form for my developing tulpa, and moved on to the typical attempts at infusing it with a pre set bit of personality, and I am worried that the narration is a pointless endevor, and I am messing up my tulpa, and I would hate to mess up my tulpa within the first few days of potential existence. Also, will a devolping Tulpa, if it can hear me, grow annoyed with my constant attempts at narrating?

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Tulpas are essentially neurological pathways/connections that get built up over time through consistent thought and intention, and eventually gain independence, self-awareness, emotion, etc, separate form the original. There is no set point when they become sentient, it's a very gradual process. It's like when you're growing up from a very small child - you don't know exactly when you started to be able to think and remember things, only that it did eventually happen.


Talking to your tulpa is a good thing, it helps build up those connections. As long as you direct your thoughts towards them somehow, you're good.


Forms are just imaginary avatars they use to express themselves and interact with you. It's not up to you to give your tulpa a form, rather it's up to them to use it. At this stage, a form is good to have a way to direct your thoughts towards the tulpa, but that's about it. It's not all that complicated.


I'd advise against personality forcing. If you want a tulpa to be a certain way, try teaching them things to value, rather than telling them how to act.


A tulpa would probably only be annoyed at narration if you were ignoring their own attempts at speaking. A way to avoid that would be to take little pauses to give them opportunity to speak.

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It's going to be pretty difficult to quantify when exactly a tulpa begins to exist (especially since they don't all start their existence as a tulpa), but you'll more or less start to get a sense of some sort that they're there. As long as you keep interacting with your tulpa they should be able to develop sentience, vocality, and other essential traits. They likely won't become particularly annoyed by narration, but if they are then you can just stop if they ask. Also there's probably no need to force the personality too much (if at all), they'll develop a personality of their own regardless and ultimately you should let them be who they are.

Yo, my name is Sean and I'm the host of 2 tulpas: Sente and Mae. You'll know when they're talking because Sente talks in yellow text and Mae talks in blue text.

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