Do i start over?

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I stopped creat the tulpa for 8 months .. After spending about 4-3 months with him.

Now I want to complete what I started.

Do i start over? I love my Tulpa and I don't want to replace it .. :((

Can I complete his creation?:(


-sorry if my language is bad-

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You can "complete" your tulpa. As hosts we may have to pause our efforts in making and interacting with our tulpas but this doesn't mean they are gone. Your tulpa may appear distant or quiet in a way but this is usually from not giving them your attention for long periods of time. Just redouble your effort and catch up with him. I am sure he'll love to see you. : )

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Do I start over?




Can I complete his creation?


Absolutely. You may have lost some progress, but a tulpa is never entirely dead unless they're entirely forgotten. In most cases, a tulpa enters a "frozen" state when you stop working on them like this, so I suggest that you just continue like nothing happened.

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