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Haven't forced lately.

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I haven't had enough to force in the past 10 days, and was wondering:


* Should I kill another tulpa or continue working on her?


*What are some ways to make up for the lost time besides 12 hour tulpa forcing sessions?


I went two weeks once without doing any forcing for mine and she's still okay. Got a bit annoyed about it, and I couldn't see her as well (since I got out of practice) but otherwise fine


I dunno, make her some cool shit in the wonderland

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dude ive not forced properly in way longer than you. And my tulpa is fine with it, if i notice she gets frustrated i get to work and force my ass off and say sorry.


there is no need for killing

Name - Silver

Form - Harpy

Sentience - fully sentient

Personality - Playful, cheerful, enthusiastic, chilled

Smell - Baileys

Stage - Narration and imposition

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