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Policy on Discussion of Tulpa Sex

Guest Albatross_

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Guest Albatross_

Tulpae aren't advanced hallucinations, the only thing hallucinatory about them is their body after you impose it.


Imposed tulpæ have visual, auditory and tactile hallucinatory components. I don't see how that is not an advanced hallucination.

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He's saying that the tupper itself is not a hallucination, but their imposed forms and other such things are. Like what you listed. Because a tupper is a tupper even if it's not imposed or something.

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Okay, first off: I believe it was from FaqMan's guides that I got this information, but I'm pretty sure that Tulpae in general cannot actually have sex, because as it says in the guide, they can be felt, but not hugged or shoved... So, how on Earth would a tulpa be able to have sex with a human unless it was simply a sexual fantasy? I'm simply curious, and I'm not looking to step on any toes here...

I've always wondered the same thing, though I'm afraid I'll regret asking if I do.

Actually, I was just curious as to how, exactly, they would do such a thing. As they don't actually have physical bodies, and are only an advanced hallucination, would they, in fact, be able to "have sex" with a human? I mean, all sexual fantasies aside, I'm talking purely scientific here. If it is only a hallucination, I would assume that it would be extremely advanced if the person were able to get their tulpa to be able to do that, first of all, and second of all, it must be very advanced indeed if the person is able to actually feel their tulpa's body against their own.


I have been wondering these myself. Is anyone willing to give an explanation?



Well it's quite simple you see, it... well, you... um... ._.

short answer:



Is that a no? :(

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So you're basically saying that you cannot, in fact, have sex with a tulpa?




The problem is not about whether people could have sex with them. The problem is that people are talking about it.

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I have been wondering these myself. Is anyone willing to give an explanation?


Yes, it is possible, either imposed with hallucinated sensations, or in the wonderland, where it works something like in a dream.

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