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Interpersonal Reactivity Survey


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Take the Survey!


I'm following up on my research with another research. This time we're measuring the reactions to observed experiences of others (it's an actual test known in the wild). I have my expectations about the results in plurals and I need your help to confirm or disprove my hypothesis.


As usual; the results will come up as an essay on shinyuu.net when I have enough data.

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That looks like a really well-made survey, probably! I'm sure surveys take this kind of thing into account, but we sort of have a bias against movies where we can't take them as seriously/emotionally as other things, including books, which we really like. But I don't think that really messed with the overall answers too much.


I'm the one who said "Nice survey!" and if you really want to you can PM us for whatever follow-up means, but we never check emails in a timely manner and don't love being quoted in random places outside tulpa.info so

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We are a massive multi system community. The first question is "must be a number" with parameters "all fully conscious members" and not allowing the use of ">".By tightening the parameters down a LOT we could get to 100. At the same time no wish to skew the results.


Please advise.

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Just put in 100 and it will skew the data, but it's real data so it shouldn't matter, and if it is a problem then shinyuu can just count that as an outlier

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