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How many people are still around from 4-5 years ago?

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I have arisen to briefly terrorize this forum before returning to my eternal slumber. Perform the sacrament and allow me to return to sleep. 


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On 6/30/2018 at 7:36 AM, Scythe said:

The handle I used was Marador. And I had Trixie Spritzy and Lilly.

I don't remember your username, but a system with a Trixie, Spritzy and Lilly feels familiar to me. Maybe you guys will remember me? 

Welcome back to the forum in any case.

I'm more active on reddit now, but still check in here occasionally. 

Despite the name, the host bodybody is the one usually using this account. 

Spice was born in 2013 and Tomoe was born in 2014.

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I joined the forums several years back, so one could say that I am still around -- but I wouldn't word it that way. I have always appeared very infrequently on this website. Now that I've appeared again, there's no telling when I'll be back next. I'm all mysterious like that.


Isis says that I'll bring bubblegum next time.


She lies.

my thoughtform = Isis

her appearance = stylized rabbit with dark fur and glowing eyes

her developmental stage = imaginary friend

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