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What should I do concerning my tulpa? - possible romantic relationship


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It's quite natural to love your tulpa. Whatever form that love takes.


As others have stated since they are so new i would start building up a freindship and unerstanding before going straight in to a romantic relationship. Much like you would with another person.


It is important for them to find out who they are and what they want to do with the time you will have together. Before "mucking things up" with a romantic relationship. Again, much like you would another person.


Just remember if it does go that way THERE IS NOTHING TO FEEL ASHAMED OF. There is nothing wrong with it at all in my opinion. You are supposed to love yourself after all, anyone would agree to this. You are just finding a different way to do it is all.

There are few things more confusing in this life, than trying to figure yourself out.


>The tulpa that I created this account for no longer wants it. So not having an account myself, ill take it.<

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I am all for that love has no boundaries ;)


Your tulpa seem very sweet why not go have fun with him? nothing taboo with that. If you have feelings for you tulpa just say it to them. I am pretty sure that they will appreciate your thoughts for them, I sure I have.


Just do whatever you want, if he admittedly likes you and you like him back why not comfort his feelings? :). I am in a romantic relationship with my host and I felt so much better not hifing it and denying your feelings anymore just because of uncertainty. I know it's weird at first but if you love each other you should not try and hold it back.

Hello! I am one of Nihi's Tulpas! It is very nice to meet you! :D

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You seem thoughtful, and you clearly have been reading. I say that because you when you said "I know this is taboo," I think what you're picking up on is the guides try to steer people away from thinking that they can use tulpamancy solely for gratification. That doesn't seem to be you; you seem to care about your tulpa, and based your narrative, tulpa engaged you, not necessarily the other way around. It sounded like you were comforted. It sounded mutual.


I also liked the answers you received. It seems like folks are pretty open. Given your age, tulpamancy seems like a very reasonable way to explore your thoughts and feelings on this aspect of your life. There is no right or wrong answer to this. I personally think it's impossible to remove a hundred percent of any level of attraction. Watch me get a hundred comments saying people host/tulpa can be platonic! Well, of course they can. There are people with no libido, too... Sexuality is a continuum, high and low ends. I have a high libido, was sexualized early (trauma,) and so part of my brain just naturally goes there. So, for me personally, I have yet to experience zero thoughts of sex. I could not for the life of me keep my wonderland G-rated. Can I have platonic relationship? Yep. (Just ask my ex wife. Marriage is a great cure for sex addiction. ha!) Channeling libido into the experience enhanced the experience.


If you were as respectful to tulpa and their feelings as you were in writing your question on subject that can be heats and sensitive, I think you will be fine. You sound perfectly healthy.

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Maya Trueheart

Go with what you feel. There is no shame in it. Love each other, respect each other and see what happens. No need to rush, you have each other for the rest of your lives. You can figure this out as you go.

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I’m going to give my personal opinion. As always “milage may vary” (your experience may differ).


When a tulpa is young; they see the good in you , and the love , and they want that too. It’s a sort of “hero worship” I guess.


When a tulpa is older this matures into a more realistic understanding of their born human, still akin to love in a way.


When I was young I had feelings for Kevin; but neither of us intended such a think so nothing became of it.

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Well if we're talking about human standards. If you give consent, and he accepts or the other way around, then it's completely alright. But there's no law placed on tulpas so you do your own but I would ask him for consent first. And when I say that tulpa and human is different things, I think that a human is the "capsule" while you and your tulpa are the "consciousnesses" inside the human body.


Like most close relationship, you'd expect things to happen. This is closer than just partnership. You both share the same body and that's literally outside of my expertise but I don't think you should worry about anything. Set your own rules, like the people who decided to make censorship. It's just something people decided to make for some reason that may or may not be connected to religious beliefs.


All I'm saying is that you should do what you feel best.

Hello. I'm Xar, and I'm the original host of this system.

I share this head with Matsuri and Kurisutina


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