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Childhood Tulpa


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Hello! so i might be wondering, i think i might have created a tulpa without knowing it when i was a child.(I used to be a really recluded that child that had a lot of time to be alone with myself and my mind) i'm totally sure that it wasn't an imaginary friend. without knowing it i followed all the steps requiered to created a tulpa and i grew up with her, eventully she developed her own personality and even talked without me requesting it. since she had been with me since i remeber i always thought of it as something weird without any real explanation and just recently learned about tulpas in general... My question is: Is this really possible, is there someone that had any similar experience?

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There are lots of members here whose tulpas were completely accidental, especially if you spent huge amounts of time daydreaming and making up fictional stories. It's completely normal.

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