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Is It My Tulpa?

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I was tired and stuff so I couldn't visualize hardly at all. This session I focused on vocality with Arla. I tried a few practices I'd seen online for vocality. Don't know how well it all worked out tbh. I was already feeling intense tingles like usual that night. I was telling her how happy I am with her and for whatever reason I teared up (a couple different times mind you).


This is the part where I'm not sure about things at all. I eventually gave up on the strange communication practices for the most part and started asking Arla different questions. What sounded like my mindvoice seemed to answer the questions before I finished asking them. For example, I asked, "Is trying to talk to me hard"? and before I finished asking it I got the word "hard" in response. So I asked the same question but I added "Say anything other than hard this time" and I got "easy" in return, which I found amusing since it seemed like such a literal take on what I'd said. One more example, I told Arla to "scream as loud as you can as a sign that you're talking to me", and I got an "aaaaaa" sound in the background while I was finishing my sentence. I think this is Arla but I'm not sure that some of this wasn't me, but I guess it's common to be confused.


I would like opinions as to whether this was Arla or me, and why or why not.

I'm clearly not experienced in this so any other information you could offer would be quite helpful.

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It is not uncommon for tulpas (particularly young ones) to start replying to the host before they are done talking, because since you have to think via raw meaning before translating that into words the tulpa already knows what you are going to say.

This definitely seems like a Arlia has acheved vocality to me

I have a tulpa named Miela who I love very much.


"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"


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If it felt ''alien'' (meaning it felt like it wasn't you the one who did it) to you, then it's highly likely that was your tulpa. If you are not sure whether it was them or not, just assume it was them, that will reinforce your belief in them, which will end up benefiting both of you.

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