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Posting in off-topic no longer increases your post count. If you have previously posted in the off topic board, your post count will have dropped. The administration has agreed that the post count should represent the number of on-topic contributions that a user has made.

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Permanent instantiation of the on topic rule in #tulpa.info


The #tulpa.info channel on the Rizon IRC network (irc://irc.rizon.net) will now have an enforced requirement for you to remain on the topic of tulpae, theory or related topics such as Lucid Dreaming, Psychological or Philosophical discussions or really anything related to tulpae as long as it can be done orderly and/or in a civil manner.


Over the last week, we tried loosening this rule that was previously enforced strictly, and things like this happened:


<+Quetzalcoatl> in my mind, we r obligat'd 2 b the best we can b, 4 r
<+bersinger> Quetzalcoatl, neither does the world revolve around  your neoconservative ideals that mask their narcissistic arrogance in a  shroud of "hey everyone agrees with me right?"-barrier of mentality  projection 
<+Quetzalcoatl> bersinger: stopped reading after neoconservative

* Moon[snow]{Celicia} offers SockH a sacrifice.

<+Lacquer> SHIT
<+Lacquer> FUCK
<+Kimnd> Oh, oh, funny story time!
<+Kimnd> WHAT
<+Kimnd> Is it done/
<+Kimnd> Is. It. Done.
<+Kimnd> DUDE
<+Kimnd> ARUGH

Whenever it's a private chat with someone, I always make an MGS joke
a what?
Anon, what happened? Anon? ANOOOOOOOOOOON
Metal Gear Solid jokes.
You're pretty good, Soprano.
No, that happens to me when I talk on chat on any game. XD

I remember when I joined Club Penguin.
oh man
I remember when I played
Runescape too
The Matrix is all about doubt too.
(You mean when it was playable?)
thug lyf
thug lyf
I've still got the Ghostly Robes or whatever on Runescape @_@
ignore that
I know the date I joined Club Penguin...
hardly on topic
(>That rule)
Take it to _ot!
Why are we talking about Runescape and Club Penguin of all things?
like I said they should seriously just make this place how it used to be
ot is dead yo
Like, seriously.
* YoursTruly facehooves
Rochambo, continue discussion there is what I meant
it will be less dead if people would take their OT discussions there

<+jonjetjon[k]>     hmmmmmm, maybe i'll check it  out, i thought this was the on topic server for chatting about tulpae,  but that hasn't always proved true
<+Moon[snow]{Celicia}>     ...still usable though right?
<+Moon[snow]{Celicia}>     Also, DJFlix, is lucid mode that thing that Octaviapus wrote about?
<+DJFlix>     i guess
<+DJFlix>     i dont know, shit
<+DJFlix>     what did he write about
<+Moon[snow]{Celicia}>     Well, what do /you/ call Lucid Mode?
<+Slifar1>     Eh? There's another Tulpa IRC?
Slifar1 is now known as Slifar[Galfor]
<+lanpc>     He just wrote about deep meditation leading to the border between sleep and awake
<@SockH>     The Channel I'm using at the moment is called #plurality-lounge on the SynIRC server
<+lanpc>     Lucid mode is literally going lucid
<@SockH>     It's a general multiplicity channel.
<+Slifar[Galfor]>     Ooooooh them!
<+DJFlix>     there is #tulpa.talk , one i just made
<+Moon[snow]{Celicia}>     Mind giving us all a bit on  how to get over to SynIRC? or do they like... tell you on the website?
<+jonjetjon[k]>     oh well, sometimes there are good conversations on this cannel, but for now i'm leaving
jonjetjon[k] (~user@Rizon-3E3069EC.hlrn.qwest.net) left IRC. (Quit: Leaving)


Furthermore, I see the following issues with allowing off-topic when the channel is quiet:


  • If a newbie enters during a lively chat about off-topic things, they won't feel welcome to break in and ask an on-topic question.
  • If the newbie does ask their question, there's a good chance it'll get drowned out with the off-topic chatter.
  • Even if people see the question and try to discuss it, the off-topic discussion will continue. People do not like shutting up mid-chat.
  • It creates an overall feeling that off-topic is okay.


The original rationale behind this rule is to foster a safe, friendly channel where people can get basic information about tulpae and their development. This channel is a focal point for discussion and getting started with tulpa theory and practice. By having an environment where people do not feel welcome to ask questions about tulpae, we were failing as a moderation staff.


Some of the chat moderators have been getting private messages about this channel and even some of the former non-active moderators have. An example:


   I pointed out that the channel was devolving to shitposting
   But Tess is not active on these channels atm
   So she can't make obvious decisions
   I just have to wait for an active mod :/
   If this continues I'm either going to raise hell or just /part
   I left
   And Yes said
   That there is still a no off topic rule
   Not that I've seen
   *Tess said
   (Anon) There wasn't a change? Then why is everyone there ot?
   (Tesseract) Probably because none of the moderators are online.


We plan to make a survey in the following days for addressing more of the community concerns that have been surrounding both the IRC channels and the forums. We are sorry for any inconvenience that may have been caused as of late. It was not intentional.


Keep calm and force on,

The moderation staff


(Post written by YoursTruly and Chupi)

Lyra: human female, ~17

Evan: boy, ~14, was an Eevee

Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

My blog :: Time expectations are bad (forcing time targets are good though)

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Forge has been demodded due to moderator power abuse.


Tesseract has been added as a moderator in the metaphysics board.

Lyra: human female, ~17

Evan: boy, ~14, was an Eevee

Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

My blog :: Time expectations are bad (forcing time targets are good though)

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The warning system has been updated so that 100% corresponds to 100 warning points now, instead of 100% corresponding to 10 warning points.


How will this affect you, the user?


Nothing will change from the users' point of view. The max warning percentage will still be 100% and you will still receive an appropriate percentage when being warned.


How will this affect us, the staff?


All it means is that we'll have finer control of how much warning percentage to give users. Warnings can only be given in whole points, so at the moment we can only give warnings in multiples of 10. This change means that in the future, we will be able to give, for example, 25% warnings, for something which is too severe for a 20% warning but not quite severe enough to warrant a 30% warning.


What happens now?


Because warnings are stored internally in points rather than percentages, we need to go through any users who have active warnings, and add enough points to scale their warning levels up to the same percentage as before. Don't be alarmed when you suddenly get a warning because of this; it's just bringing your warning level back to what it already was.

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We've decided to, for the foreseeable future, disable the ability for regular users to delete their own posts. We're looking into a better solution, but for the time being, this seems like the best course of action.


The reason for this change is a conclusion which was made about a post being wrongfully deleted by a moderator, although upon further investigation, we found that the post was actually deleted by the user themselves. It's not the first time confusion like this has happened, and it seems counter-intuitive to have a system where users and moderators can both delete posts without any restrictions. Starting from now, if a user would like their post deleted, they should report the post, send a private message to a moderator, or post a thread in the Talk To Staff forum.


We're looking into solutions such as having (just for example) a 15 minute time limit for users to remove their post. Suggestions are welcome to be made in the appropriate places.



Specifically, the post that triggered this decision was made by Ivan/ThunderClap. After he deleted the post, some complaints from other users were made to moderators about the post being deleted, although he told one of the moderators that he deleted it himself after a conversation with a moderator.

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Derp and Nobillis have been promoted to moderators. Both have shown a strong desire to help the site, and have demonstrated an ability to act friendly and professionally in the community. We also bid farewell to Slushie/swashy, who has recently resigned from staff.

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