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JD's Tulpa Method

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Yeah I'll approve. Might rather want to think of changing tulpae into a plural that makes sense in English, instead of wondering about what pronoun to use. English is a kind of a tricky language when it comes to gender neutral pronouns, so sometimes people are just forced to use either he or she when writing stuff. Comes up often actually, not everyone wants to use they.

The THE SUBCONCIOUS ochinchin occultists frt.sys (except Roswell because he doesn't want to be a part of it)

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Approved for Guides.


This is a pretty decent parroting-based tulpa creation method. It doesn't have any potential issues Fede's guide has (because parroting/puppeting is stopped after the personality is somewhat developed) and there are enough people who have followed it successfully (and even reported most of the 'advanced skills' or the hallmarks of an independent tulpa).


If this guide were to be improved, maybe there would be a bit much on the auditory imposition/detailed voice part, but I'm not even sure one can do much more there than just practice a lot until it works consistently.


The part about "accidental puppeting/parroting" is interesting, but feels a bit incomplete - I'm not sure it would always work for everyone: someone needs to make sure they're not lying to themselves when they ask that question - usually one knows the answer unconsciously, or at a "gut" level, if an action is caused by themselves or their tulpa - once the tulpa starts gaining some independence/agency over their actions, it starts being more and more obvious. Common ways for people to overcome such issues include emotional responses/communication, essence/presence/signature/... feelings associated with the tulpa and their thoughts, involuntary/"alien" feelings associated with the tulpa during communication which cannot be replicated, or simply just not being able to control or influence them and so on.


Aside from that, the guide does cover a few topics (especially imposition) that aren't as commonly covered in other guides and it's also one of those guides where the author actually completed the method they're describing.

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Really helpful guide, I didn't use it initially but after we got seriously bogged down, it was a life saver. We talked it over, my tulpa agreed to let me puppet her for a little while, and I followed the guide to the letter, until she began to wrestle control from me and I ceased all puppeting. It really helped us out.


Approved for guides, though the part at the end with "she" could be replaced with "they" or something like that.


Technically, using "they" in place of "he" or "she" is improper in our confused, mixed-up mess of a language. Every English professor and teacher I've known has taught that a writer presenting a scenario involving a hypothetical person should choose "he" or "she" and stick with it instead of using "they" because of this (regardless of whose feelings it might hurt). Granted, in English convention it's usually considered proper to go with "he", but considering the amount of female tulpas here, I think "she" is more fitting in this guide.


TL;DR, 10/10 you're beautiful just the way you are and you've been so helpful, JD's guide.

"You've got to believe to achieve." -Hank Hill

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Yo, I guess this is my attempt at transcribing a guide for a method of making tulpae that isn’t exactly traditional. Before you go on, I highly suggest you read Irish’s and FAQ Man’s guides first, because I’m not going to slow down and explain basic concepts and terminology that are covered everywhere else.



I am truly sorry to inconvenience you. I'm new, and did multiple searches for FAQ Man, and I'm not finding the guides you mention. Also new to the forum world, and terribly sorry if this message bothers you, could you post a link to where I can find this guide and do my homework before I ask another silly newbie question? Thank you so much. J.


Fixed quote - Vos

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I am truly sorry to inconvenience you. I'm new, and did multiple searches for FAQ Man, and I'm not finding the guides you mention. Also new to the forum world, and terribly sorry if this message bothers you, could you post a link to where I can find this guide and do my homework before I ask another silly newbie question? Thank you so much. J.


Fixed quote - Vos


FAQ Man's guides (and some other old ones) are listed on this page, but most of the information in them is outdated. That isn't to say that you won't get anything useful out of them, but take ideas established in older guides with a grain of salt. A lot of the community's preconceptions have changed in the 7-8 years since these guides were posted.

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    • By tulpa001
      Tulpa's Complete DIY Guide to Tulpamancy Fourth Edition Rules! (V4.0)
      AKA Book of Tulpa: the Extremely Long One.

      Welcome to the longest guide on tulpas as of the time of writing! This is a technical manual, meaning it is dense, informative, and does not rely on any particular viewpoint.
      What is a tulpa? That is a complicated question. It is a phenomenon that connects back to imaginary friends, split personalities, Tibetan Buddhism, modern psychology, shamanism, kids with too much free time on their hands, discipline, ritual, social movements, hallucinated voices, and weird mind hacks. This book both covers info on what a tulpa is, and serves as a creation guide in the event that you want one.
      Why would you want one? Well, I can’t guarantee anything, but people have found spiritual truth, performance boosting effects, superior sexual experiences, social skill growth, recovery from mental illness, and more after experimenting with this stuff.
      This text is divided into roughly four sections. Chapters 1-3 serve as an introduction. Warnings and considerations are introduced in chapter 2, and chapter 3 covers the foundational principles of the mental part of this practise. Chapters 4-6 cover the three basic steps of creating a tulpa, personality, form, and voice, though they are typically done together more or less. Chapters 7 and 8 take a break to look at problems of doubt, and theories of how tulpas work, and a bit on hypnosis. Chapters 9-12 cover advanced abilities of the tulpa, including intellectual growth, independence, imposition, possession and switching. These are typically learned after you establish communication with your tulpa, but can be looked at as ways to communicate as well. Finally, the last chapter has some info for explaining tulpas to people without tulpas, and some random facts about the community.⚕
      As of 5/16/21, none of these links work and will take you to the start of the guide. However, you still can use the outline tool that pops up on the left hand side to navigate to another section in the guide. -Ranger
      Table of contents:
      i. Preface 7
      1. What is a Tulpa? 10
      1.1. Hallucination 11
      1.2. Illusion of Separation 11
      1.3. Independent Cognitive Process 12
      1.4. External Spirits 13
      1.5. Sentience and Sapience 13
      1.6 Other Definitions of Tulpas 14
      1.7 The Not Tulpa Version 15
      2. Sanity 17
      2.1. History of Tulpas From a Medical Perspective 17
      2.2. Interactions with Psychological Conditions 19
      2.3. Plural Susceptibility 22
      2.4. Physical Health Concerns 24
      3. Mindset 26
      3.1. Trial and Error 27
      3.2. Trust and Control 29
      3.3. Discipline and Fun 30
      3.4. Deciding 32
      3.5. Exercises 33
      Willpower: 33
      Let It Go: 34
      Self Awareness: 35
      Centring: 35
      Meditation: 36
      Subconscious Communion: 38
      4. Personality 40
      4.1. Greeting Your Tulpa 41
      4.2. Designing the Personality 41
      4.3. Personality Forcing 43
      4.4. After Personality Forcing 46
      4.5. Fluid Thought 47
      4.6. Upgrading a Character, Imaginary Friend, or Roleplay Character to a Tulpa 48
      (Q) Is My Angel, Guardian Spirit, or Inner Voice of Reason a Tulpa? 49
      4.7. Exercises 49
      Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response: 49
      Relate: 50
      Free Writing: 51
      Your Tulpa Is a Character: 51
      5. Form 53
      5.1. The Form 53
      5.2. Dreamland 55
      5.3. Mindfulness, Dissociation, and Immersion 58
      5.4. Exercises 60
      The Practise Rune: 60
      Perspective Shift: 61
      Daydream Possession: 61
      Anatomy Study: 62
      Use Your Imagination: 63
      Breakfast and Dinner: 63
      Drafting: 64
      Simon Says: 64
      Touchy Feely: 65
      Image Streaming: 65
      Wonderlanding: 66
      Perfume: 66
      Kiss Me You Fool: 67
      Visualisation Wrestling: 67
      6. Voice 69
      6.1. The Waiting Game 69
      6.2. Pre-vocal 70
      6.3. Developing Vocality 71
      6.4. The Experience of Vocality 73
      6.5. Multiple Tulpas 75
      6.6. Exercises 76
      Read in Voice: 76
      Speech Lessons: 77
      Skull Hopping: 78
      Tulpa Word Association: 79
      7. Faith 80
      7.1. History of Tulpas from a Religious Perspective 80
      7.2. Myths and Legends 82
      7.3. Should You Believe? 85
      7.4. Evidence 86
      7.5. Ultimately: 89
      7.6. And Now, a FAQ Section 93
      (Q) I've been forcing forever. Why is this taking so long? 93
      (Q) I've been forcing for a day. My tulpa is already vocal. I'm scared. 94
      (Q) It all feels so fake. I can't stop doubting! Help! 94
      (Q) I think I am unconsciously parroting or puppeting my tulpa! 95
      (Q) This thing happened. Is it normal? 95
      (Q) I ran out of things to talk about with my tulpa. 96
      7.6. Exercises 96
      The Dark Arts: 96
      Trust Exercise: 97
      8. Architecture 99
      8.1. Thoughtform family tree 99
      8.2. Differences in Architecture 102
      8.3. On Thoughtforms and Hypnosis 105
      Example induction: 107
      Example deepening: 108
      Example affirmations: 109
      Example awakening: 110
      9. Awareness 112
      9.1. The Twin Goals of Tulpamancy 112
      9.2. Philosophical Inquiry 114
      9.3. Exercises 116
      Talk It Out: 116
      All Day Self Awareness: 116
      Joint Hypnosis: 117
      Hyper Alertness: 118
      Philosophy of the Day: 119
      Lucid Tulpa Dreaming: 120
      Emotion Sharing: 122
      Write Your Tulpa a Story: 122
      Joint Wonderlanding: 123
      Self Reflection: 124
      Surprise Me: 125
      10. Separation 126
      10.1. Parallel Processing 127
      10.2. Mind Hacking 130
      10.3. Exercises 132
      Separation Exercise: 132
      Count and Chat: 133
      Bigger Separation Exercise: 133
      The Bubble Ship: 134
      Dominance Switching: 135
      Play a Game: 136
      Thought Hiding: 137
      Forced Independence: 138
      11. Imposition 140
      11.1. Experience of Imposition 140
      11.2. The Process 143
      11.3. Exercises 146
      Running Man: 146
      The Green Apple: 147
      Sound Test: 148
      Shadow: 149
      Tulpa Sight: 150
      The Couch: 150
      Back Rub: 151
      Walk Your Tulpa: 152
      12. Possession 153
      12.1. The Possession/Switching Controversy 153
      12.2. Method to This Madness 158
      12.3. Exercises 162
      Body Shaped Soul: 162
      Picking Your Arms Up: 163
      Host Ghost: 164
      Trapped in Wonderland: 164
      Sleep Walking: 165
      Drawing Circles: 166
      Possession Wrestling: 167
      Restraint: 168
      13. Public Relations 170
      13.1. Preventing Misdiagnosis 170
      Responding to Schizophrenia Diagnosis: 170
      Responding to Dissociative Identity Disorder Diagnosis: 172
      Choosing Your Diagnosis: 173
      13.2. Introducing It to Others 174
      It's How You Sell It: 174
      The Interview: 176
      Rules of Conduct: 177
      13.3. What's It Like? 178
      What Is Being a Tulpa Like? 179
      What Does Possession Feel Like? 180
      What's the Sex Like? 181
      13.4. Metaphysical Beliefs 181
      A Brief History of Tulpas: 181
      Mainstream Religions: 182
      Weird Freaky Abilities: 183
      Metaphysical Forcing: 185
      13.5. The Future 186
      The sticky wicket issue: egocide, dissipation, integration: 186
      Learning to live with tulpas: 187
      14. Glossaries and Notes 189
      14.1. Glossary of Exotic Terms 189
      14.2. Major media links 191
      14.3. Bibliography 192
      14.4. About The Author 193
      14.5. Licence 193
      Older version of the guide: here.

      Tulpa's DIY Guide to Tulpamancy v4.pdf
      Download link created 5/16/21 -Ranger
    • By Amadeus
      A little while back I was tasked with writing a general overview to tulpae and creation.  The idea was to have an up-to-date general guide that didn't push things like hour counts on new users, talked about different methods, and other such things. 
      Took me about a good number of hours in front of a public computer, but I got a draft finished. 
      So, here it is.  The Word file I typed up originally, and a .txt for people who the Word file doesn't work for. 
      Input would be fantastic.  Constructive criticism is always welcome.
      Latest version.
      Tulpa Phenomenon Overview Guide v1.docx
      Tulpa Phenomenon Overview Guide v1.txt
    • By Apollo Fire
      Tulpas: Creation, Sentience, and Vocality
      This guide was written to cover the beginning stages of tulpamancy from creation to vocalization in a way that's useful and comprehensible to someone new to the concept, detailing general guidelines, tips, explanations, and other practical information to help someone beginning their tulpa journey.
      Google Docs light version: link
      Google Docs dark version: link
      File Dropper download link [Broken]
      MediaFire download link [Broken]

      PDF copy: Tulpas Creation, Sentience, and Vocality (Guide).pdf
    • By Kiahdaj
      English Version:
      French Version:
      Italian Version:
      Russian Version:
      Printer-Friendly Version:
      .epub (for eReaders)
      .mobi (also for eReaders)
      English Changelog:
      July 12th, 2013:
      Revised some paragraphs Added "Why Not to Create a tulpa" Added "Emotional Responses" Added "Head Pressure" Added "Creating a Tulpa of an Existing Character, or person" Added "Switching" Added "Forcing Should not be a chore" September 21st, 2013:
      Corrected grammar errors Revised some sections Added "Your Tulpa Should be a Tulpa First, and a Form Second" August 7th, 2016:
      Corrected errors and added slight clarifications throughout August 9th, 2017:
      Pointed link for Oguigi's & Koomer's possession guide to Wayback archive. November 15th, 2020:
      Made it look less disgusting Also removed the table of contents at the top, because apparently Google docs has that built-in now.  
      French Changelog:
      July 27th, 2013:
      Added July 29th, 2013:
      Added permanent link September 8th, 2013:
      Updated (see notes in "French Version:") Changed link November 20th, 2013
      Italian Changelog:
      August 12th, 2013:
      Added August 18th, 2013:
      Changed Link September 12th, 2013:
      Russian Changelog:
      December 19th, 2013
      French Version:
      dragonclaw has kindly taken much time to translate this entire guide into French. Currently, this version contains all sections that can be found in the original English version, but lacks the revisions done to other sections in the past.
      Italian Version:
      This version, translated by the user "dreamy" (you'll always be noobdreamer to me) should currently be up-to-date, besides the most recent English update.
      Russian Version:
      This version of the guide was recently translated by the user Leopold, of his own accord. Much thanks to him for the hard work.
      For all the non-English versions of the guide, note the date of creation in comparison to the latest update of the English version. I will not tell you every time one of the versions is not completely up to date. You can figure that out yourself. If it was not up-to-date when it was posted, I will let you know as I did the French version.
      For those of you who want to translate this guide:
      At least not yet. I should have made serious note of this earlier, but I intend to do some major revisions to this guide, such that any translation done now would be severely outdated by the time I'm finished.
      On top of that, there is also a possibility that this guide may be taken down altogether.
      As always, let me know what you think, and if there are any sections you'd like to see added.
      It's worth noting that I still plan to reword/revise some of the paragraphs. I feel like I didn't get my point across as eloquently as possible. But until then, make do with my rough-draft wording.
    • By chaoscollective-
      Okay, so we have been getting in a lot of trouble lately and it's only me (Poltergeist , co-host ) and Quinn / Slate (Host) here for hours to days at a time. We were wondering if any of you knew what that could mean, or if it's something bad.
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