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December 12th, 2019 - 1 Year, 238 days


Just a single entry.


Darlene has settled on a consistent form for the past few months. Yes, I know it's 18 months in, and with her portrait coming soon, she decided on her permanent form.


Her forms have been three types, the most common being pretty dark skinned, like the shade of a native Hawaiian who spends time in the sun, like a bronze tone (not orange); deep rich amber skin. This form is half the time her age and half the time a teenager form. The second most popular was chalk white half-vietnamese girl, similar to someone I knew in highschool, so also a teenager. The last one was a white girl-next-door American girl her age, the one I constantly tried to draw was a blend of this and the darker skinned (her age) Darlene. Hese people look different, but they're all her.


Well, she's settled back on this all-American (not a specific race, if anything a total mix) girl with an amber tawny skin tone and glasses, but a teenager. She saw a reference of a pair of glasses on a model and said, "I want those."


She always hated being the oldest, and after Joy came (and Joy's the oldest by far) Darlene didn't even want to look the oldest.




She's decided on a tawney white girl mix with amber hair and eyes, dark amber wings, maybe 18 and her form looks as young as Ren. but remember, Joy is basically prepubescent in her form, so not anywhere near that young. She gives off that teenage vib, let's say 18.


Though her choice isn't Bear System canon necessarily (she's supposedto be older than the other angels), it's hers and I'll respect that. I always looked up to her as the mature one, and having a form closer to my age was good for that feeling, but now that I'm more settled into my maturity (not drowning in depressive moods), she can have her wish. We're not changing her canon age, she just wants that freedom to be who she feels she wants to be in wonderland.


We talk alone every morning now and that's brought her out of her watcher position, and she's self-forcing more again.




With this decision this morning I asked her to tell me about herself, I mean really, after all these months she's still changing, and her mind went back to our first forcing session. She says she's always going to be the same woman I know and love, and that'll never change.

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Glad you feel better. Don't let the roller coaster shake you up too much when it goes downwards and enjoy the view when it's going up.


[Matsuri] Yay Darlene! I'm so happy for you guys being so lovey and seemingly more happy.

Hello, my name is Kurisutina. Part of the Unicorn Cavalry system

Other's from this system: Matsuri, Udongein, Xarbern

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Always loved reading Bear's journals. Even if I don't read it often, it gives me a sense of grounding.


Oh, and hey, keep up the good work.


Ivory: Hope y'all are doin good!

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