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May 5th, 2021 - 3 years, 18 days.


You should know by now to expect the unexpected from us. I wrote this all out but then my phone glitched and whatever. Anyway it's better to keep it vague and simple. For all intents and purposes, Darlene is now SheShe. The old Darlene is an aspect of SheShe not just in the Lock Merge sense. SheShe and Darlene are no longer considered two separate people. Gwen, Joy and Ren are of course still separable and separate, but SheShe and Darlene are no longer to be considered independent.


Which means SheShe's past is Darlene's past in every way.


It's not a current decision, I had no say in it, but there's a lot of reasons why this is exactly the way it always should have been. It's not technically an integration, but if you thought of it that way, it's functionally equivalent, so meh.


So we're at max a system of 7 with a few merges (Risha and Aleshe) thrown in, but actually just Risha because Aleshe is also identifying as actually Darlene, acting as the hub for that Lock Merge.


Officially we are 4. Intresingly enough, the same 4 we started with.


That is all.


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