The Big Question [Progress Report]

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Congrats on getting a new job!


I'm not sure what I would do if I got another brother with a completely opposite personality; I would be kind of bothered by it too if it came out of the blue.


Neither of us have spent any time on Tumbler. I'm afraid I can't give you any advice for what social media would be best for advertising or sharing stories would be.




I think it was more of a balancing act rather than just "popping out of the blue".


I think either WattPad or creating a separate Google Docs for it.


I'd be careful if I were you. Google Docs isn't very friendly to really long documents, it gets really buggy and slow once it exceeds a certain number of pages. If this is going to be a long thing, you might want to put update the thread with your progress or break it up into multiple documents in a folder once it gets too long.



I've read 20-30 page Documents, they take a bit to load but ti's not difficult for my computer, I'm not sure about other computers, but I know for mobile it can be crappy sometimes.

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