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So, we haven't made much progress lately. I'm afraid our overall progress may be reversing a little. I wanted to make a plan that we could follow that could hopefully allow for the improvement of our tulpamancy skills, but more importantly, the development of Azure, Damien, Jade and Spark.


We want to achieve things like lucid dreaming, switching, imposition. We're not going to make much progress if we don't do these things very often. I often don't see much of Spark, which is disappointing, but I make sure I talk to all of them every single day.


Here are some of our goals we want to work towards. We will elaborate on each of these further down the post.

• Lucid dreaming

• Switching

• Imposition

• Fronting/co-fronting time

• Wonderland immersion

• More tulpa activity

• Improved visualisation and focus


To do:

• Dream journal

• Reality checks

• Switching attempts (weekends only)

• Imposition practice

• Co-fronting attempt one day per week

• One wonderland session per day

• Working on having tulpas more active


Lucid Dreaming- The reason how I actually found out about tulpas in the first place, through a lucid dreaming website. I started trying to lucid dream around August/September 2017. I have had a few short and semi-lucid dreams on accident, but I think I should start getting some lucid dreaming skills down and hopefully the five of us will be able to enjoy lucid dreams together.


My main problem with lucid dreaming has been lack of motivation, Well, that and fear of others knowing (usually if anyone mentions dreaming it's either from a reference to my book or a story of a weird one from our mother). We have access to a lot of information on lucid dreaming, so I think it's time to stop making excuses.


Switching- I'm hoping that I could learn to switch with N. I think Damien, Jade and Spark are more interested in co-fronting (which I am as well) but we want to be able to have time to ourselves in the body. N's okay with it, but he stills wants to remain the main fronter. We still want him to too, so we should start looking at some guides. N thinks it would be best to try to switch once a week on the weekend (so that's there's less distraction from school stuff), and I agree that it might be best to try that, especially as we have other goals we want to work on.


Imposition- We want to try and practice imposition more often. And by that, I mean start doing it again. We're hoping for some more imposition guides.


Fronting/Co-Fronting Time- My tulpas want to front, I want them to be able to front and co-front with me, but the problem is it's quite difficult to do. Mostly they want to front for certain lessons at school, there's not much time to let them try and front, plus there's nowhere to try that without people noticing our body lying with its eyes closed. The plan is that one day per week we try fronting or co-fronting. I will still be present, and they will rotate Jade -> Spark -> Damien -> Azure. If we manage to do this and get comfortable enough with it, we might increase it to two days per week. Eventually we're hoping to get to a point where we can quickly and easily get each other to front without being noticed by other people.


Wonderland Immersion- For a long time, Azure, Damien and Jade have told me they experience our wonderland like reality. I'm not sure if this is actually true or no, but Jade has showed me one of her memories from our time together in the wonderland from her perspective before. Spark says he doesn't feel immersed though. I don't experience immersion, so hopefully we'll be able to make it more vivid and immerse ourselves more easily.


More tulpa activity- We constantly go inactive throughout the day. N doesn't like it when he realises it, and we don't want to just be inactive. I remember back when we thought it was normal for tulpa systems to have system members in the wonderland while the fronter still did stuff, and Azure, Jade and I were worried that N would think something was wrong if that wasn't tru for us, so we lied to make him feel better. I remember, I feel really bad about this, but that was quite a while ago, and we've moved on from that. We still don't know whether parallel processing is possible or not, or whether this is confabulation or not, but regardless, my tulpas still want to spend more time awake, and hopefully the other types of things we'll be doing will help with that.


Improved visualisation and focus- I hate it when our brain defaults my form to my old one. The one I want we're struggling to visualise because the brain just associates me with the old one constantly. Spark's having a similar issue, but he's been randomly locked into the form of a school student from our school, and again, similar issue as mine. Plus, also, N spends a lot of wonderland time asleep from no being able to focus. So we're looking to fix that.


Any tips would be greatly appreciated. :)


Also, 100th post on this account!

“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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I think if you stick to a goal of 20 min a day of a wonderland adventure (this is what I do at minimum) then your visualization will improve month over month. It's like weight training for the mind, no shortcuts. You can try my visualization practice thread if you run out of ideas.

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Since we made post #94, my tulpas have been a lot more. I can feel Azure, Jade and Damien with slight touch imposition (Azure accidentally figured it out). In fact, Damien’s been changing to a cub form to sit on my shoulder sometimes.


We might be getting close to a switch. We were in the car, trying to get me to front, and then I was in the body. It was like it was mine. N knew it wasn’t him at all. His mindvoice was quiet too, but he was still getting sensory input. It lasted for about a minute before he took over again, but that was pretty cool.

“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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It happens with us, but rarely and just through normal visualization in wonderland. I'd like it if it happened more often, but I don't need it. I have other opportunities in natural altered states. To me, being fully immersed and able touch, taste, smell and hear as if it's real or even better than real, is just going to keep me occupied indefinitely. (Any IRL imposition is analogous to immersion I suppose) it's a different school of thought imo.

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