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I need help with obviously Wonderland immersion. First, how is it even supposed to feel, immersed in your wonderland? Second, how do I get to that state? I know my question is short, but the longer the answer, the better! I couldn't seem to find anything on here regarding wonderlands, so please help!

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It depends on how well "immersed" you want to be.


For light "immersion", I would describe that as being so focused on your wonderland you don't think about your surroundings in real life, like hypnosis. This is done the most easily through an active forcing session, where you and Esper do things together in the Wonderland.


If you want this experience to feel more real, improving your visualization will become the natural next step. An alternative to your wonderland is Lucid Dreaming, where your surroundings will feel very real to you in the dreamscape.


The next step up would be dissociation from your body. A process called "reverse-imposition" is used to essentially re-assign your five senses to your wonderland form, so your wonderland will resemble reality.


Question! In Lameman's terms, is there a way to truly differentiate [Esper's] mindvoice from mind, and a way to basically get me to stop parroting/puppeting(My #1 problem)? And, do you have any truly beginners tips for possession? Again, in Lameman's terms(Stupid people talk)?


Possession is much easier when your Tulpa is already vocal, so I would focus on mind voice first. I recommend sitting down in a quiet room and letting Esper do all of the speaking while you don't say anything. This will help you learn what Esper's voice sounds like, which will make it easier for you to identify him and not confuse him for yourself. If you accidentally say something, that's okay, just go back to being quiet again. This may make you tired or give you a headache. If that happens, take a break and try again. I want to call this "reverse-narration", since it's like narrating only the Tulpa is doing all of the talking.


Another thing you can try is asking Esper to have a deeper or higher voice to make his voice more distinguishable.


I have the opinion that "possession for beginners" is called fronting. This is where your Tulpa does the majority of the thinking, to the point where they push you into the background. Piano has a really good guide that explains this in detail. More advanced possession and eventually switching is about how well you can dissociate from your body.

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