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Tulpa Awareness and "Going Dormant"


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I swear I made this thread before, but after looking though my threads I couldn't find any duplicates. If this is a duplicate, please merge it with another one.


I have heard from other Tulpas that they experience the world through watching what their hosts do, being able to step forward and chime in whenever they feel like. With Ranger on the other hand, sometimes he ends up entering a "dormant" state where he seems to completely dissociate and waking him up leads to him being confused as to what's going on around him without any recollection as to what happened. He has access to my memories of the missing events, but he doesn't have his own memory of the events when he is "dormant".


Having Ranger think too much when I'm trying to focus on school work, listening to a presentation, or doing something I hyper focus on is the fastest way for Ranger to go "dormant" because I have a high demand for brain space and while I love Ranger hanging out with me, he can be pretty distracting sometimes. However, sometimes Ranger stays "dormant" when I'm not doing anything important like waiting in line for something.


I asked about this issue before and I was told Ranger should get used to fronting more. Since Ranger started fronting, I have had an easier time detecting his presence and Ranger reports that he's "more stable". However, Ranger will still go "dormant" sometimes. I have also tried using the imposed string trick with Ranger, but Ranger sometimes falls into a "dormant" state before he gets the chance to tell me to pay attention to him.


Ranger wants to hang out more, and this has bothered both of us for awhile. Is this something that will go away if Ranger continues to front or is there a mindset thing I'm doing that's causing this problem? If this is a mind-set thing, then what can I/we do/think differently to resolve this issue?

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that's interesting, we go "inactive" in our system for the same reasons except we're always immediately aware of any and all context of everything if the one fronting talks to us again. The ability for a tulpa to pop up on their own whenever they want is sorta rare and very sought after!


What type of "fronting" are you talking about exactly? Possessing or switching? anything else would really just be "keeping them active" + them focusing on what's going on outside the body, which is great but not fronting at all (fronting is "who's in the front", ie has the most control)


idk what this has to do with imposition either, not really sure what "imposed string trick" refers to but it sounds like the old lucid dreaming/tulpa-remembering trick of tying a string around your finger and remembering them when you notice it, right? Well anyways, being imposed does help us not become "inactive" a bit because it's a semi-permanent state of focusing on us that you can get real used to/good at with practice, but, you're never gonna just stop it from happening entirely 'cus it's a natural thing. It's just what happens when you stop thinking about something.


Plenty of tips and training for keeping your tulpa active more easily or longer, though! Mostly it's just practice! One'a the hardest things to do IMO is have the host and tulpa(s) both active while paying total attention to something else, like watching something together or even playing a game. for us mostly that's just whoever's fronting remembering to keep thinking about us every so often lol, but we've not practiced enough to get to constant perfect presence, BUT we PROBABLY could? if we tried a lot?


Also! We nearly always do "passive" imposition when doing things like that, and it probably helps a lot. having your tup tied to a physical location (with their "sense of presence" that imposition is so good for making) helps anchor them a lot, like, we'll usually sit by lumi IRL if we were trying to watch something together. Oh and like, we often have someone imposed with us when we go to bed (mostly Lumi with Flan imposed, or even reversed!), and I guess we're good enough at passive imposition now that as soon as we wake up (oh, we wake up between sleep cycles briefly naturally for a minute or so) whoever was imposed is still there with (obviously) no effort/intent on our part, having just woke up and all. So maybe that (passively imposing) could help you guys out! That and just practice practice practice!

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